Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 218: Becoming Greater Than Through Love and Support: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman

Saturday as an amazing day and very different than the last eight years. See, at UNCW, we have a "move in" day unlike any other in the country. when the first year students move-in, faculty, staff, students, and community volunteers come out and move the students in..yep, 1700 of them come out, unload the cars of the incoming first year students and haul their things into the residence halls. Having been at Carolina where move in day was one of the most tense adn depressing days of the years..everyone fighting for a place to park, trying not to get towed, arguing, fighting over the elevators, and dying from the heat, you can imagine what the parents think when a swarm of volunteers descend on their cars and within 5 minutes ahve all of their child's belongings in the room and are back on the street to the next car! It is astounding! We also clap and yell and scream "welcome to Honors" as they arrive! It is really special!

Well, I ahve been doing this for the last eight years..I was a skeptic at first..but once I saw how this worked, I was hooked. But over those years, i was always embarassed becuase I generally could not find a move-n shirt that would fit me. And if I was always to tight. I felt like the good year blimp out there and always felt like I was going to pass out half way through. This time..I was in my was an fit...and I was awake..and full of energy and it was WONDERFUL!

The only bad part came towards the end when I drank, back to back, three VITAMIN waters..I thought these were like the sobe vitamin waters that I have been drinking since I quit soft drinks. OH NO!! turns out, that these so called VITAMIN waters are made by our friends at coca cola and they have..wait for it..33 grams of sugar PER bottle! OH yeah! someone who does not eat anything except natural sugars in apples or vegetables, standing all day in 90 plus degree heat..guess what happened? Yep..left there feeling as though I was drunk and I had a MASSIVE sugar crash. I laid down at around 3:30 of 4. Michael could not get me up at around 7...and was out till 3 in the morning! I missed a very special event..and worse..I felt like an complete idiot for not reading the label....LESSON LEARNED1
It did not take away the whole day..but I really have to be vigilant about these things.

But, Sunday, I had to work to take care of things for this week and went in for 6 hours and then did a bike ride for 12 miles. it was great!

I am so glad I am learning and can share what I am learning. I know it makes a difference in my life. I pray it is making a difference to others! Life is definitely good and getting better everyday!
thanks be1

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