Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 138: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey withy s Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

what a great Saturday...course it came after a great Friday!

Friday morning I had a great training session with Adam. He had me do a pull up on a lower bar where i pull myself up while i am propped on my legs. It was awesome! I could not believe I could do it! but not only could i do it, but I did 3 sets of 12! :) it was AWESOME! we had one little hinky moment when I lost my temper when he had me take 35 pound dumb bells in each hand and lean against the cirque de se bo ball and do squats. The weight of the dumb bells just hung to heavy and I was leaning on the ball too much so that it was killing knees. I am NOT good at not doing something I pouted like a 2 year old cause I could not do it..and snapped a little at Adam who kept trying to get me to re-set. He was a patient friend, and reminded me that I am not going to be perfect at everything (oh yeah...I am still learning, growing and evolving..imagine that..duh)..I have to admit..realizing I was pissed at not being able to do this made me see how impatient I can still be, but that was good because I need to take a deep breath sometimes and regroup. Course,  as soon as he got me off the ball and had me do regular squats (which I hate still...for the record) I was fine..and could do them and I got my focus back. Alls well that ends well!
He had me run the bronx hopscotch..but this time said that if I touched the lines I had to start over again!...oh yeah..he likes to ratchet it up a little...but, aside from not picking up my feet once, I was able to get through without messing it up! :)

After work we had such a great time going out to Airlie Gardens with friends for time together...listening to the imitations...just relaxing and enjoying! I am less self-conscience about my size and actually danced a little with a new friend of ours. Even taught her a few basics of shag! It was so freeing to just be able to enjoy and not feel as worried about how I looked..and feel really good and healthier and enjoy our company.
The other side was being able to get up and down easily from the folding chairs. Last year at this time we went out to a concert and I was barely able to fit in one of the folding chairs and evertime I got up it was a struggle. Dancing was not even an issue. Just sitting was. We take for granted simple things sometimes when our health gets out of hand. Hell, I can go the movies and sit in the chairs and fit today..that was becoming an issue.  Even worse was going to restaurants and having to wait for a table because in most cases, I could not sit in the was getting that bad. Each thing that comes, each change that happens is just one more blessing.

Saturday morning I got up early and went to the Rotary district conference and had a great time learning about how to be a more effective rotarian! After, I got back and michael and I had to go shopping for shorts, because event though I got a couple of pair recently, the are already too big and, yes...I bought size 42 shorts and they fit! Remember, it was just January that I was wearing 52..almost 54 inch waist paints...21 inch neck shirts and now I am in 42's and wore an 18 inch neck shirt last week and I could get my finger in the collar! :) Little by little it is changing...I am changing and getting healthier.

I got home and hoped on my bike and rode over to 02 and did the elliptical. I ratcheted it up to level 14 and did sprints for the first 15 minutes. I never did go under level 10! It was amazing. I biked back and decided to bike a little more. I am very conscious of not overdoing my back with the bike..but I am enjoying it so much, so I allowed myself  a little more! It was great.

I got to thinking, frankly becuase I was beating myself up for eating too much hummus (I really have to stop doing that! I mean, first of all, beating one's self up does ABSOULUTE nothing to help move things forward and moreover, my overeating or my "slips" these days consist of an extra sugar free eskimo pie or a handfull of crackers...not a box of little debbie's! so, ur um..lighten up BO!)
and I got to thinking about a show that I was watching religiously right before this change began called "you are what you eat" on BBC america. This dietician, Jillian, would take everything that you eat and drink in a week and place in on a table for you to see. I can remember at the time cringing at what my table would look like: the pizza's, the fast food, the chips, the butter, sour cream, cheese...all of it...and of course when she does this, what is missing from the table is the color and variety of vegetables and fruits....and that would have been true of mine completely.
well, as I was thinking, I was envisioning my table today....all those mixed greens, the grilled chicken, grilled and broiled/blackened fish, the fresh eggs and whole wheat bread, the yogurt, apples..lots of apples, salad, water, table would be so different and so am I! Frankly it made a huge difference in me and the way I felt over a little hummus and bread crackers! :)
I think that her visual and that techigue was a good one. I am visual person and a visual learner. I never want to think of my previous table being the food that i consume and hurt myself with. life is too short and much of a blessing!

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