Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 141: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey withy s Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

I don't think since I started this journey i have written an entry where i have talked about being really angry...well, today, I can assure you that if it were not for the fact that my mother reads my entries religously, i would invoke language that would be less than endearing!
I have just had a lesson in looking AT EVERYTHING I EAT! I MEAN EVERTHING! You all know that I have shared I have tried to be so careful about eating out and finding foods that when I am just to busy and to overwhelmed I can rely on. I truly believed that Pita Delite was a place I could go to and have been going to, sometimes three times a week during all this. Well, tonight, Michael and I decided to get a sub..something i have not done since this began. We went to Jersey Mike's and they told us that the turkey and the ham were 99% fat free. I decided to look it up when I got home and found the sandwich was over 1000 calories. I was not that worried about it because my calorie count was low for the day, but they were not accurate at the counter about the nutritional info..and having the little book that I bought a while ago that has calorie and fat count in it is best to keep in the car so I can make that choice before we buy.

But, while i was on the computer, I decided to enter my favorite salads from Pita Delight. the 1074 calories was pretty astonishing..but what got me angry was the 51 to 77 FAT grams that were in the salads!!!!  This got me angry! You are probably thinking what Michael said, which is "but you have been eating these and still loosing all this weight"...but for me, that is not the point...I am supposed to have 1/2 that fat in a DAYS fat and I want to be healthy...so for this to have been part of my diet is not helping me make the change I want to fully make. I am not working my tail off on that daggone elliptical to have to deal with making it harder by putting in my body things that stunt the changes that I am making. I did not ask and assumed that by cutting back on some of the dressing that this was much healthier than it actually is. I just need to ask each and every time I go places for prepared foods and make decisions myself and not have them made for me by those who present foods as healthy only to have them riddled with unhealthy ingredients. I don't want to be a Marie Callendars pot pie any more. I want my heart to flow unimpeded by plaque..I love not breathing heavily..and i love feeling lighter and more free physically and mentally!

Now, I realize, pita delite is a hell or a lot better than a double thick bacon burger and fries from burger king or the chic filet with vanilla shakes. I am in no way beating up on myself..and as I am writing I am a little calmer..realizing that this is just another, well, daggonit (and yes that is a replacement word), a blessing..because as my eyes have become open to paying attention to things around me, I have been able to make better choices for myself and do better for me!

ALl in all, I am one lucky, blessed man. I am just going to continue to enjoy this in ways that help me make the healthiest choices I can!

thanks be!

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