Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 133: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

love some mondays! LOL! rolled out of bed and headed to the gym. It was a thunder storm at 5:30 when I first cracked my eyes open and it was so easy to snuggle back under the covers! :) I loved to hear that thunder outside...but I got up after a while and headed out the door. Adam was like a spring bunny when I got there....ok..so, I am pretty nauseating when it comes to be chipper in the morning..Adam has me beat..hands down! LOL!
He had a new plan of torture..er um..training for me I like to call the Bronx Hopscotch! all hop..no scotch(course I don't drink booze..but to jump up and down one has to think..and you better run fast through it for someone kicks your ass! :)..yeah..it was a latter on the floor and you get to jump in and out of these little squares..REPEATEDLY..and, what is worse, you have to be coordinated! Aside from the jiggle that is still left in my body..and NO, we will not go there on video thank you very much Adam!, just trying to get my footing while Adam said Faster, faster..reminded me of going to social dance at St. Thomas Moore with Mrs. Bagby when I was little and trying to figure how to count, be graceful and not kill the person i was dancing with all at the same time. BUT, I did it! :)..and as he encourgaged me I got faster and I got better.

In between the hop scotch, I did weights and this was about how many can I do to exhaustion. Exhaustion is good according to Adam and I am VERY good at that! HA! But what was really cool was when he had me do push-ups..I got to 20 before I hit the ground in one run of them! :)

All in all it was a great work out and I do like doing something new from time to time..even if i have to get on teh bozo ball and run a maze! LOL!

the rest of the day went well. I did have coffee after work with a friend who I never had a lot of time to spend with. It was good that we got to talk. He has terminal cancer and the clock is running out faster than i was aware of this until spoke. It was a powerful converstation on a lot of levels. Most importantly becuase here is a man facing the last year if not months of his life, father of three, husband, and he wants to talk about a research project which is an extension of his whole life's work that is about helping men in particular be better, healthier, and more loving in the world. He is spending his time LIVING in the now..working at what makes him tick..but giving as he always does and trying to help others NOT DIE. We talked about the stupidity and the ignorance of a generation that does not get it and an older generation that stopped caring about taking care of themselves and what to do to make them want to care. He had written this amazing article about a youth that had already become so hardened to the possibilities of the risks he was taking in his life just to feel connected, just to feel loved. It was so moving..but here he is..working till his last days to try adn give that kid..and all like him something..anything that will make it better. TALK about inspiration. And when we did talk about his cancer..there was a depth and beauty of sincerety in his eyes and response when he talked about a friend who asked, "don't you find this unfair'?" and he said to me..NO..I don't beleive in fair..was it fair that I had great parents and others didn't..that I was born here and not a third world hovel, that I have the priviledges and life I have" etc. It was so real how he "got it"..how present he was and how much I felt a connection and love for this friend who was so in touch.
I have to admit, I have survived on borrowed time these 21 years...I am a very lucky man...very blessed too (and yes those things are VERY different). But I am still not sure how I would react under those conditions. I hope it would be like him...LIVING..BEING...IN the moment...and having that perspective. I was honored to be there to listen!

What a day.
Thanks be to God!

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