Sunday, May 02, 2010

Day 118: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey withy s Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

so the week got away from me! what a week and how many blessings can their be.
I got a call on thursday at work from woman I have known for years telling me about an event on saturday. Now, mind you, I have known her for years, but we have never really hung out. However, she is one of those people I have admired from a distance. See, for those of you not from this area, this is an amazing place..but, well, like other places, but more unlike other places, there are some jobs, and some places certain people don't have it all that easy. This woman not only made it here..she is respected, admired, and through an old boy system is decorated. I just think she is pretty damn amazing...and spirit filled for good stuff! So, imagine when she called and at the end of her converstation, she told me how much she admired what I was doing on this blog...and how much she was getting out of it. It was one of those moments when I just had to stop and really feel something good. What a blessings is all I can say. I was in tears on the other end and managed to say thank you.  But she, and everyone that have written mean so much and to know that we are doing this together. That my story is not unique, but by sharing it we are gathering some kind of mementum and making a difference...well, that is the spirit that brought all of this about.

If you don't remember or started this blog later, I was granted this gift by my friend Kristi Tomey and Ashley Miller, who saw I was near a heart attack. They met a man named Adam (ok Christians....what a name, huh? for this journey). Adam had lost, less than a year before his daughter, who was born premature to he and his wife Aimee to a heart defect. Her name is Kayleigh. Kayleigh was an angel into this world and she only lived for six months. Adam wanted so desperately to give back. To do something in the honor of Kayleigh and her life to help others. So, when Ashley and Kristi talked to Adam he said, "why don't I train this person and help him to live and change his life". they came to me and offered this amazing gift adn the only catch was that I would share the journey and help others too...the rest is history. Kayleigh's spirit, through Adam, then to Ashley and Kristi and now through me to whomever I can tell, touch, reach and send this too get this chance...I am sorry for this tear this morning..but I have lived this life these last 21 years where I have seen the awesomeness of a higher power working through each of us to create change, to carry the message, to facilitate growth and understanding, and this journey is another extension of that awesomeness and I just cannot express my love and gratitude for it.

Why bring this up today? Well, on May 11th it will be one year anniversary of Kayleigh's passing. I have been thinking alot about that. Alot about Adam. Alot about Aimee. But there is, from that time such an overwhelming swell of power that has been put into this world of change and good from this child's many by blessings. It is humbling to say the least.

Thursday was  a great day for exercise as I biked over and back to the gym and did a full 30 on the elliptical. I had to do it in the evening because of some work issues, but it was ok and it was such a beautiful evening (and no rain, thank God! LOL)

Friday was the same in terms of working out, and in fact it was the first time I have trained in the evening and I had a good time. I biked over and back and trained in between.
My back felt a little wonky and it made me nervous about trying something I had planned for Saturday.

There was a river to the sea bike ride in wilmingotn on saturday morning. I was planning on it all week and in fact that is the reason I got the call. when I got up, my back was not as sore as Friday night, but Michael had gone to his mom's and I got really nervous about biking downtown and then to the beach. It appealed and only would add a few miles to the journey, but I was afraid of being able to get back downtown or the amount it would add to my back. It just got confusing. So, I laid back down thinking I would just bike to the beach and catch up with them from here. well, I did not wake back up till 11:00. and their gathering was well over. So, I made up my mind that today I would bike to the beach....and I DID! it was AMAZING! It was a straight shot..pretty easy in terms of traffic and it was BEAUTIFUL! I swear I saw things I have never seen in all these years and what a great ride! I decided to go over to Mayfaire after for a little snack and then back home and all in all it was 14 miles! I was so proud of myself and it was awesome!

Today, I have biked to Church and then over to Chris's Cosmic Kitchen for a heart smart omlet! Another great day!

Thanks be to God!

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Aimee Freeman said...

Thank you for the kind words about Kayleigh. :)