Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 134: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey withy s Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

it has been a great productive week and I can hardly believe that it is thursday!

We had a tremendous luncheon for the community college today and my mother's birthday..and I got to celebrate both at the same time which was awesome! I am so proud of her! The stories from the students were so powerful and it reminds us all that what we give..what we do for others can make such a huge difference in the lives of others in such powerful and life changing ways. Everyone in that room, from those who gave 25$ to those who gave 5k dollars were giving an opportunity that had not existed before.
 As someone who went back to school at 25, I know this to be true...and being in that room, being a part of that is just another blessing.
The luncheon was delicious and we had salmon as an option..and I ate salmon! :) Yes, I am becoming more and more of a fish eater and loving it. But the culinary students made these AMAZING cakes at each table for the guest. The smell was overhwelming of that perfectly iced cake. Of course, being a table host, I cut and served the guests..and got the cake on my fingers.  I could smell the sweet icing..and it was SOOO tempting! Now, for a lot you, you are probably thinking.."why not have a piece" well, for me, I have learned that I have some triggers. And cake is one of them. If I were to have this, I would want more and probably would have more and at the end of it, would just feel miserable. There are so many wonderful things that I can have in my life that make me feel good, that make me feel vital, and that do not trigger me wanting more and more, so I am of the mind now..why do that to, I got to enjoy watching others enjoy it...and that was wonderful. The only time I complained (and really was joking) was when they made ME carry the left over cake out to the car for mother! :) LOL!

The day was capped with our first Oyster Roast Committee meeting for Airlie Gardens after work and while their were goodies all around and wonderful company, I enjoying the time, and then bid everyone good evening and came home, got dressed, and biked over to 02 and did my cardio! It felt great. I can have the time at the things that I love and still get my workout in. I just have to keep on track.

I am so grateful for today and for all those who I live this life with..for my mother, stepfather...for Michael!..and my amazing much!
thanks be!

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