Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 144: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey withy s Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

the rest of the week has been amazing and so productive! Since my last post, or should I say, small tirade about fat in take out! LOL, I have had some redemption in eating and great works and lots of productivity!

Wednesday morning I got up and got to training. Adam was in a mood to expand my horizons with still more machines I have not been on yet. It is hard to believe i have not been on some..but I have several I am still learning about. I did two more machines that are leg presses, which is good, becusue when it is busy, it is nice to have option for using machines. I also got to use a machine that squeezes the small muscles on the inside of the thighs and then when your reverse the action, works that outer. It is amazing how intense that can get very quickly. Adam had me do sprints on the bicycle in between each set and by the end I certainly felt accompished!  and was off to work.

I missed a luncheon that I was to attend on wed because work was very busy, but that was ok..I like it busy and I felt like I was getting a lot done. I made grilled hamburgers with corn and mixed greens for us for dinner. Hamburger is now the only red meat that we are eating. In the first few months. I was wanting a steak. But as things progressed, I just lost the taste for steak. Maybe I will want it again, but for now, the 93/7 lean hamburger, grilled and seasoned is just really good to me and I enjoy it very much. It is nice because michael likes them too!

Thursday was a great day at work too, but afterward, i went to a leadership Wilmington Alumni gathering and then off to they gym. When I got there, I was feeling tired and it was getting late, but I got on the elliptical and started at level 14. It was tough from the begining. I have been trying to stay above level 10 as I have progressed as Adam has reccomended and still do my sprints. About 15 minutes into, I had a cramping pain in my side that would not allow me to breath and I had to get off the machine. I stepped off and caught my breath and the cramp subsided. I got back on the machine and did two more sprints, but decided to finish the remainder of the last 15 at level 12 with no sprints. It was a good work out, but at that level, it was very intense.

I have learned that I am never to work through Pain...pain is a myth in working out. However if it is "tough" or if there is some tension, strain, or something like that..that is to work through..there is growth in that. This is not the emotional fact if there is pain, I can hurt myself. Even with the weight loss so far, I am still watching my heartrate, I still take care to watch my form (probably now more than before since he is loading more and more weight on me and I have to be careful) and I am paying attention to twinges and things so that i can enjoy another day of growing! :)

Today was quite the adventure! I planned to bike downtown and when I got up this morning I tried to talk myself out of it two or three times. It is only 6 or so miles, but I have not traversed downtown yet and it is a journey with activity in between before I come back.. But I just put on my helmet, made sure there was an apple, a bottle of water and tunes and I was off....
I really wanted to see what the new Ann Street Bikeway was like, but what was really nice was seeing how the river to the sea bike way is like all the way. It is clearly marked and a very nice ride (for the most part). There are clearly marked signs along the way and it is a journey that takes one along the old trolley way that once existed. What great neighborhoods and a variety of the city you get to see. It gets a little hinky in some crossings, but for the majority of the is awesome. The only thing that need be prepared for is the journey back. Remember, you go, as the song says "down to the river side"...the operative word being "down". the three block climb back up to level riding is, well, leg building for sure! :)

While I was downtown, I volunteered for the Downtown Ambassador's program. It is a great idea of Wilmington Downtown Inc. to get volunteers to help visitors, be hospitable,  and just to be a friendly face to our town. I walked the downtown area for 2 hours and had a wonderful time! The cool things was I never got too tired and was ready to come back on my bike! Folks, that would have NEVER been possible 6 months ago...I could never have volunteered like that...never been able to bike...none of it! So grateful! So very grateful!

So, a new adventure and a great day!
thanks be!

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