Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 130: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey withy s Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

got up and going this morning..but was dog tired and yes...for a fleeting moment I swear I was going to text adam and tell him that I could not come in! NOT! I was just tired..and hauled my tail in out of the bed and got in the car..put one foot in front of the other and boom..i was there! We had a good session. I confessed my desire to not come in and I was not chastised for it! LOL! I was actually told I could not having to do the one legged drop sets as a reward! I don't think I have explained the latest means by which Adam has been trying to kill...I mean! :) these are called Drop Sets and they are SOOOO Fun....what you do is bring the weight up to the highest that you can handle on the machine that you are on and do a set of 12, and then, without taking a break, drop the weight by 10 or so pounds and do another set of 12, and THEN WITHOUT taking a break, drop the weight by 10 or so pounds and do another set of 12! The first day we did this I thought i would never walk again! But today, I was much better...the only one that I really hate and I mean HATE is the one-legged squats on the horse..and like I said, I was given a reprieve...but I got to do drop sets on the chest press, the two legged horse (squat), the pull down, the cruncher, the back stretcher, and the step ups with jumping up and down on the stairs in between! It is amazing to be able to do this and I really am grateful to Adam to bringing me to this!

the rest of the day was pretty awesome as well!
Got to work and we got busy and then went off to a press conference for a friend, well, you all know her cause she is someone that helped to save my life by being a part of bringing me to this change and new Health..Kristi. Her mother was injured collecting signatures while on the campaign trail and Kristi needed to make the tough call to withdraw from her attempt to get on the ballot as an independent to care for her family.  I am so proud of her for showing up and pursing this, but even more so for showing that priorities are important. She really is a great councilwoman and when the time is right..LOOK OUT!

So, I left there and went to the ribbon cutting of Coastal Horizon Center's Brunswick County Facility! What a great day to have this center that treats mental health, substance abuse and and array of like needs in an area so desperately in need! As a board member it was just so wonderful to see the fufillment of this dream..and to witness the enormous generosity of Mrs. Virginia Williamson who gave the land and more to see that this happened!

I came back, gave myself a good salad and worked the rest of afternoon...then Michael and I went to the greek festival held by St. Nick's. Of all the amazing food i decided to try the Snapper with was AMAZING! and I LOVED every bite! things are definitely changing! LOL! I would have dived into the lamp and all the pastries before..but I enjoyed the food and the time without having to harm me! so very nice! :)

michael and I are committed to having some time this weekend and the greek festival was the begining. Hope you all are having some time for yourselves. Personally I am praying for the earth with the two friends who are dealing with chemo on my mind and surrounding them in prayer...lifting up my friends Julia and Kristi who have really shown what great leadership is all about....and am going to bed tonight knowing that, well..we are all in Very good hands!

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