Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 129: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey withy s Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

what a full day! I stayed in this morning..cardio day...and new I could do the elliptical this evening! I was right..but forgot that there were some things outside of one event I had planned on that i was to go it was an adventure! :)

I went to work and had a very full day. I am on a learning curve and trying to keep it together as I gain a new handle on what I am doing these days....while doing what i always do at the same time! :) Snuck off for lunch and had great grilled chicken and greens left from last night and then did errands for office. After work, I was lucky enough to go to a friend's to his opening for his hotel. What a wonderful place and so beautiful!

While there I was reminded that another friend was having his launch of a magazine and I had been invited to that and thought it was next, I mention this becuase here is the deal: someone said to me something about how do you do all this and that and the other thing....I quipped back something like always, but the difference in my response these days is that when I respond I add and emphasize that no matter what is going on, I am happy to show up, do whatever, but I am going to make it to my work out, I am going to eat right, and I am going to take care of those things that keep me healthier and on that right track.

So tonight..two awesome people who are there for me and have been good  friends were having special events and I was privileged  enough to share their success with them and be included and healthy enough to be able to be there for them...and that felt awesome..but I was still able to leave and go and do my cardio..then go home...have a salad with Michael and spend come time together before going to bed and having  decent night's sleep. It feels right to make sure that these things are in order. That is what I was sorely missing before. I would go to one thing or another, eating all sorts of mess at the events, grabbing fast food in between and then crashing when I got home because i had no energy and nothing to burn but fat and carbs in my system...I was anesthetizing myself with food. Tonight, I had an apple and a yogurt before I left work. Did not have anything at the hotel...then ate some peanut mix that was in the gift bag...a small amount of fruit and orzo salad at the battleship for the magazine...drank lots of water at the gym and then had my salad and tea at home....not where did I hurt me..and got lots of to see people I I feel and say is a blessed life..this was a blessed day...thanks be!

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