Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 131: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey withy s Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

what a great saturday! we got going about 10am and went off to sweet and savory for breakfast! I am a nut these days for feta, spinach and tomato combos so I had that in an omlete with fresh shrimp! Great way to start the day! we decided that we had to do some chore before we could play so we cleaned out my car that is the dumping ground for all my running around. You can imagine that we had to roll the trash can around with all the mess we had to get out of it! LOL! But we did manage to get it pretty clear and felt like we had accomplished something! So, were off to look at wood floors for the house, which we found and will have put in and having satisfuied a cleaning duty and a household need duty...we were free to do at least one fun thing.
the Orton Plantation has been sold and will be closed to the public starting june 1st. so we hoped in the car and headed down to see it. We have actually never been in all these years. we tried when we first moved here and it was off season and it was closed. After that, there were tow hurricanes that closed it for a while and then we just never went back. Well, the current owner, Mr. Lawrence Sprunt, came to speak and visit with one of our honors classes this year and I got so hear him and spend time talking with him. He was full of stories and I decided we had to see this place. It is the oldest settled home in North Carolina dating back to 1720 and the plantation was established by a land grant of 8000 acres. In fact just down the road was the begining of the Stamp Act Revolt! Pretty historic Place. Rice fields all around, and alligators, snakes and the like. Lord was that low country living in that place.
When we got ready to go, I cut up two apples and got some pretzels for the ride. In days past for a trip is would have been candy bars, nabs and chips for car rides. I remarked to michael that it took less time to put together that apple than to go into the store and get junk...and the apple slices tasted so sweet on the ride. Another way to save me and us and to enjoy a trip, becuase while we were walking the grounds, I did not have a sugar crash..had all sorts of energy and really was was beautiful and we discovered this place together without the obstruction of not feeling well becuase we were not taking care of ourselves.

 After we came home, I still had not done cardio for the day and was trying to talk myself out of it because we had gone so much. but, nope! this is what I do! :) My friend carol remarked yesterday on my post, when I said that I had shown up despite my own resistance to working out, that that is whey I am going to succeed. I feel like she is right. In 12 step programs, it is said that recovery is not for people who need it, it is for people who want it. A ton of people need to change addictive, bad behavior, but not all of them really and truly want to. I really and truly want this. Enough that i am willing to show up, pray, think, do what i am told, listen, whatever it takes. I guess that is what has made the difference. I will do whatever it takes to be healthier. For me that means that I won't do crash diets, I won't do exercise that hurts me or overdoes things, I won't take additives or medicines that short cut the natural processes becuase I put myself at rish of gaining the weight back, I won't take the easiers softer way, becuase it won't give me the results that i want to live with over all, I won't beat myself up when changes dont happen as fast as I want them (or at least when i am too critical I will talk about it and get OVER IT! LOL)....
and I won't let what others say or do measure my success for me. My success is real each day....

thanks be!

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