Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 114 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

well its wed and already I feel both good but also like it has been a full week!

last night I had a great time with J working out. She and I are now both being trained by Adam and so we decided to play together on cardio day! It really felt like that too for me and that was the fun part. After work, when I rushed home to get ready..I threw on my tennis shoes and shorts like i did when I was a kid, and rushed to my bike like I was going to go play with the others in the neighborhood! I loved that feeling. I did not feel like I was going to "work"...
I hopped on my bike and headed over to the was so brish out  and while I noticed the dark clouds towards was blue skies towards Mayfaire adn the beach where I was headed.
I got there adn she and I did some work on the elliptical and then she prefers the tredmill, so we did that. It was fun to talk along the way..and Adam was doing a fitness assessment with a new client and we were not too brutal about our worker outer! :) We actually hopefully inspired her with how great he is for us!
Anyhoo..I was leaving and it looked like sprinkles, but I thought it would be ok..we had such a great time..then about the time I hit Parkside..a little community on the way POURED down on me...and I mean BONE chilling cold rain...the first cold shower I have had in years...and yes..let me tell you..being 51 pounds lighter DOES make a difference in the pouring cold rain with wind whipping you! LOL!  The ironic thing was the whole time it was raining, the sun was in front of me...(I once had a fight with my kindergarten teacher who said that my picture that had both the sun and the rain in it could not happen..I begged to differ becuase i had seen it!..but then again it was a baptist kindergarten on Ephesus Church Road in Chapel what did she know! there!)....but I digress....LOL
I made it home and I got enought sympathy when I walked in the house that I we got hibachi for dinner and I did not have to cook! (bring on the rain anytime!)

Today was the speedy gonzales day for Adam..he wanted to see how fast I could go without dropping dead from machine to machine and doing 15 reps in the process! LOL! was good and I probably should not 6'1 and 280 whinning looks a little out of sorts! But he had me on a bike for the first time doing sprints as well on that in between sets. My arms gave out a little this morning during sets ( he had me on the bozo ball..balancing doing squats with weights..then curls..then over my head...I was pretty proud I did not fall and bust my tail!)..but that was the working to exhaustion and I did most of what he asked. I got out the pushups that he had me do. The pushups mean a lot..and as much as I hate them..they make me feel like i am doing something special and I feel so accomplished..

Good day so far with eating and..well, good day!
thanks be for all of it!

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