Friday, April 09, 2010

Day 93 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

So passed the 90 day hump and doing well! this has been one hell of a busy week and frankly I know that from now until the first of May it is just going to be wide open..but I am ok and the very cool part is that this life is intergrated now..and there is an expectation that I am going to treat myself with health and wellness! :) Low and behold, becasuse of that far this week, that is exactly what has happened!
I remember a long time ago, there were people that would say "act as if" and "change a thought, move a muscle"...I did those things and i prayed..and things did change and more importantly my outlook and actions changed.
This week, I am hit with sinus and cough and congestion to stop a bull..but I push through..went to training on wed and did my cardio on thursday! I had to breathe a little harder.but by showing up and working with what I made me feel better actually and I got a great deal accomplished. In fact, Adam pushed me hard on wed, actually having me do running sprints outside in the parking lot. It was actually kind of exhilirating! I have not run since I was a kid! Of course if I had not joked around with him and said "alright..let's go..I don't have all day" he might not have been so hard on me! LOL! but, really, it was great!
The hardest part was that squats he had me do until I could do no more on the wall with the cirqu de se boball on the wall and me using it as a cushion to go up and down. My thighs still ring with the pleasure that was the work out from that!
OH..and I was able to get to 15 push ups before I collapses by the end of that work out on wed!!!!!

Anyway...I did see Heidi Kaufman, my dietician for the first time again since this started. She was ellated to say the least and we tweaked my diet and I will go back to see her in 30 days. I have to keep checking my sugar levels..but..are you ready...if I keep this up...I am off the diabetes medicine, the heart medicince, and i am off the cholesterol medicine for good!!!! Now that is a good day!

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