Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 108: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

what a perfect up this morning and went to work early so that I could get somethings done and feel some of the stress releived a little. It was a beautiful day.

Aside form totally screwing up a committee meeting this afternoon, the day was very productive, I ate well, and I was so ready to work out and do cardio this evening. I got home and after setting off the alarm on the house (which was a LOT of fun), i got dressed and on my bike and headed out. I stopped by Jimmy's parade of home's party at Autumn Hall and it was spectacular and I felt WAY out of place in my shorts and t-shirt, but it was so nice to see folks and even nice to be out on this perfect afternoon on my bike. I left there without eating any of MOI's fab food and biked over to the Gym, got in and did my 30 on the elliptical....7 plus miles and hour, in my zone, and then biked back home. It was so wonderful! Michael and i went to an outdoor restaurant and I had salmon on spinach and now I am down for the evening and getting ready for, if i am granted it, a new day...after we enjoy some 30 rock and some time to just be.
Life is good....and it is good without a bag of cheetos...a 12 pack of little debbie's....a "treat" of a piece of carrott is good because we are living our life and feeling it in new and healthier ways each day! God, I love this more and more the longer we do this.
Thanks be to God!

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It's time for more pics so we can see where you are at. :)