Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 107 of the new Journey: See less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

Weigh in today....280...oh yeah..tht is 50 pounds folks!...and in all fairness, if the scales that are wack at the gym, vs. the scales at the is a little over 51 pounds all together! Lord have MERCY!
The other good news is that I forgot to includ in Monday's post was the jeans saga: So, when I began this journey I was pushing past a 54 waist! As I have worked out I have been getting better and last week I had gotten, very comfortably into 46's and was so happy. Well. for the Carousel Center fundraiser we needed boots and jeans and a black t-shirt. I knew the jeans I had would be too big and so I went to get boots at Kohls and they did not have them, but while I was there, I looked at the Levi's. Now mind has been years since I bought anythiong that did not come from Polo Big and Tall on line...I, I looked to see if they had 46's and they did I looked for 44's and they were out. I was desperate for time and grabbed a pair of 42's and thought I woudl just see. Then i grabbed a 2x black t-shirt and checked out. I got my boots from belks and wehn I got to the dress rehearsal, i went to put them on...I was so nervous..but low and behold..I was able to button them!! Now, mind you, they were tight..but I was able to button them!!! I had tears coming down my had been so long since i have been in 42's...and while I still have a ways to go..this was a freaking miracle...Don't tell me this is not worth it folks. Cause, I promise you that it is!

Back to today..this morning's work out was good. Actually it too was pretty spectacular. I did four sets of 12 pushups and probably could have done more. I have met my goal with my push ups just like I set out and now i want to do more! Adam got me in the new squat machine..this one you sit in facing up and push the weight with your legs away from unlike the horse..where you are harnassed on your shoulders..or the birthing machine where you are seatd and like you are in stirrups, theins one is like you are in a rocket and pushing up and away...I had a name for this one, but it is entirley inappropriate for a general I am still working on it..but give that he put 270 pounds on will still be a doozy, I assure you!

Life is good and looking forward to the rest of today!

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