Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 105: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

Lord its Monday...I can hardly believe that I have made it to today through all that happened last week..but I did and frankly if was pretty wonderful..but as the saying goes.."when it rains" and in this instance, the rain brought good things, just LOTS of them! From tuesday, which was the last time I blogged until today, there has been a visit from our Group Exchange from the Carribean from Rotary International, dress rehearsal for The Carousel Center Show fundraiser and then the show itself, lots of activity at work and lots of visting students (who are amazing in and of themselves..looking at what college they want to attend..and we hope they will attend UNCW!), the preparation for the Public Health Foundation Golf Tournament and then the actual tournament itself, and much much more! It was a world wind week..but so full and wonderful and through it all...
1.)Well, I never ate fast food because I got so busy I just had to grab and go.
2.) I stuck to my exercise routine, even though Adam was out of town on Friday...and I self guided on that day (I did 3 sets on the standing squat machine at 220lbs, 3 sets on the chest press at 120lbs, 3 sets on the pull down at 130, 3 sets on the merry go round (crunch=150lb, back=190lb, twist=130), and a set of 15 push ups with 15 full minutes on the elliptical).
3.) got sleep when it was all said and done on saturday night
4.) made sure to spend time with Michael
5.) called my mom! :)
6.) and tried to keep in touch with folks and say thanks each day!

It was a great week over all and while it was, in all honesty, too much, it was what it was and I did not have to give up being healthy or taking care of me to get through or to enjoy it.

Today I did the same routine as Friday and now I am ready to hit the sack....tomorrow morning I am going to take care of another thing in my health by going to have my teeth worked on. I have the best dentist and she is one of my inspirations for weight loss as she is a cross fitter and a great friend...and while I am scared to death of the dentist and HATE going..she and her staff make it ok....and it is somehting that makes my life better overall!

I love this life and I am grateful for it!
Thanks be!

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