Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 112: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey withy s Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

My wonderful friend Melisa making me look wonderful by standing next to me had this taken when I crashed my friend Jimmy's Parade of Homes party as I was biking over to the gym on Thursday (and missing my friend Ed's opening because I thought it was this week). But...folks..I gotta was amazing to get this picture..I have not been this a long time! It makes me feel so good and wanting to do so much more! I am so grateful to my friends and my family and all the support! The unconditional love is amazing! I am truly a blessed, blessed man!
This is the other picture of me and dearest Jenna..the go to amazing wonder at Flash Promotions/McColl and Associates..she is awesome (Jimmy the wonderful is behind  us with his hand on his hip! LOL!).

Today, Monday was a great day with a start training with Adam. Michael went with this morning and did time on the treadmill as well which was an added bonus. I did 15 full out on the elliptical and then I had a slow start for some reason when we started our training. I was a little out of it...Adam had me do squats with one 20 pound weight in between this time. I kept form and was able to do this with pretty good ease. But then he had me on the chin up machine, and I thought he just wanted to see that I could do it again. NOOOOO..he wanted me to now do this as a part of my work out with 12 reps and 3 sets! Well, I did it and it was only a few of the reps where I needed assistance from was amazing! Then he added some new crunches with 10 pounder and I got to play with a new ball! I have seen guys at the gym sitting and leaning back and then taking what looked like a basketball and going from side to side placing the ball on each side, twisting as they moved along. Well, today, it was my turn..and while the first attempt was not as successful. I was able to get into and do it. Also the more I worked out the better the morning got and by the end and what he had for me with the rocket launcher, chest press, and the pull toward thingy to boot..I was ready to go for the rest of the day! 

Another good one and VERY grateful!
Thanks be!

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