Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 342: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

amazing that Christmas day has passed and we are sitting here enjoying breakfast looking at 5 inches of snow outside the garden room window! It is beautiful!

This morning, or really last night, i was humbled by an article in the newspaper that featured this journey:

I was blown away when they called me and asked me to do this, and frankly, as "out there" as I am, this was a little intimidating to say the least. But, I figured, if there was a chance that my story could inspire ANYONE else to join in this life change..then it was worth it. Not to mention that I got to talk about those causes and agencies (some of them) that drive me and inspire me each and everyday.

I said names of folks who were part and parcel responsible for this journey and wish they had been included, but you all, I hope have heard me say them so often..Adam Freeman, my brother and trainer who has so helped me transform and be the best i can be. Ashley Miller and Kristi Tomey who brought me this gift of life and intervened. My mom, Michael for supporting me through the change and being so honest with me...and then so often i have talked about friends who set the example for me: Andy was the first, then Woody, and Connie. Then those who joined in who are so close: Louise, Joanne, Ken, and so many others! Blessed, blessed, blessed!

Of course this story did not come without some of the detractors having to have their say in the forums, making my sexual orientation and politics the issue over the work and the life change. But, I really meant what I said, I can only give them up to God and move on. I can't say that it is not sad when this happens, nor does it not disappoint when I know that there is such discord in those folks, but what I have learned over the years is that by sticking to what I know His will is for me and by staying true to the course and not be distracted or taking off course by the sickness of others, there is really nothing that cannot be done..nothing that we cannot do for each other.

Again, don't take this to politics..but true to what i just said is a story that I just read about one of my heros (who I have to meet before he or I leave this world!) Jimmy Carter. In Huff post yesterday, there was a story about this horrible worm that infected so many through their water supply. Carter made it a mission of his foundation to eradicate this worm and the horrific effect it had on folks. They have almost succeeded. If he allowed the detractors, particularly the political ones, to keep his time, he never would have been able to focus on so much good in the world and take care of himself and his family. What a powerful power of example he is!

I am trying to keep up with exercise right now. Yesterday before the snow I went for a run...Salisbury has hills! LOL!

it was a lot of fun. My mother in law has a house full of snacks! :) so, I am trying to stay to true to diet...but we will see! So far,  I am doing well!

We are off to CAREFULLY go downtown and look at the snow on the historic area!

Love to all!

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