Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 329: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

Monday and the start of a new week! It seems to move so quickly..although I say that a lot..but it really does...It is astounding to think that I am fast coming up on a year since I started this part of my journey...what an amazing ride!

I have been running more lately and really feeling the effects of running on my body. I can feel myself not struggling as much and when I get to the end of the three miles, I could go for another lap. At this point..I am sticking to the 5k each time..I like that run and it feels good. I may want to increase it at some point, but for now, I am moving at a faster pace and making the most out fo that run.

I have been a little stressed and emotional lately (hey it is the holidays and both good and melancholy ensue...so no worries) on some levels and FOOD is EVERYWHERE with the holiday season in full effect. Everywhere I turn there are snacks and treats and folks bringing things to us! It is very nice, but for me, those things just are not treats when they make me feel badly..or if, when I eat them, I become veracious and want more and more.

So, I am having to figure out ways to take care of myself to enjoy the holidays and still maybe have somethings that I don't normally.

When I go to parties I get a glass of water and carry that all night. That way I always have somethign in my hand that I can turn to in the face of chocolate covered whatever's and cheese filled whatchamacalits...

I go for whatever looks the healthiest being offered and really enjoy that and make sure that I at least have one of something fun and decadent..just not 15! :)

These help me feel a part of things, but keep me from doing more to myself than I would want.

I am working on our Christmas project right now. We are doing something very different than our usual Crystal that we always do each year:


Benmom said...

Congratulatios on a job well done. I too have struggled all my life with my weight and still continue to struggle daily. I saw your feature story on WECT and have been following your progress ever since. You are truly an inspiration so please know that there are folks being inspired by what you are doing and by your blogs. I love your idea of giving health and stress reduction in a jar to friends and family for Christmas. What an amazing gift! Would you please be so kind as to explain the process of how to make the salts to me. I would love to do the same for gifts as well. Just last night the Biggest Loser Finale was on, you are truly Wilmington's "Biggest Loser"!!! Keep on keeping on because you are an inspiratio to many and we are on your journey to good health with you!!!!

L.S. "Bo" Dean said...

You can imagine how much your comments mean to me and I am grateful that what has transpired in my life has passed on to you in a blessing...that is what I hope for everyday!

The salts are easy..I had been taking epsom salt baths after working out and they were so good to help me keep going. I especially like the ones that had rosemary and lavendar in them and read up on some of the properties in those essential oils and decided that instead of spending so much money on the prepared ones, I would make my own.

I found that sage, lemograss, lavendar, and rosemary where the oils I needed and they smell great together. I simply take a pound and a half of epsom salt (I get this delivered form a company in bulk now off line, but they have them at cosco for really inexpensive boxes in hte medicine area) and then add one dropper full of each of the oils..mix it really well adn store in an air tight container until I use it. About a 1/2 cup per bath usually does it and it is great!

I hope you do it and I wish you all the success in the world and blessings as well!