Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 311: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

been a few since I posted, but no fear, I have been at it and moving forward! I took an entire week off to volunteer for two amazing events and it has been a blessing like none other!

The last three years I have volunteered for the Willie Stargell Golf tournament to benefit kidney disease. It is pretty amazing to work this becuase some of the original legends that played with Mr. Stargell come to this tournment along with other sports celebreties. I am in awe at their talent, but also the heart and way in which they give back and are so available to charity and to doing events like this! this are truly gentlemen and players that I wish the current day players were more like. Don't get me wrong, we get a few current day players like Chad Billingsly who are learning to be just like them, but these legends and hall of famers are amazing!

This year was my fourth year and it was great becuase the minute I picked them up from the airport they saw the big change in me and we had a connection we had not had before in working out and athletism. They opened up to me and shared tips and encouragement and it felt so amazing to learn and hear from these men! Adam volunteered on my transportation team and did and amazing job and it was so heart filling to see him, a former minir league baseball player, meeting some of his own idols! He deserves to much good, and it looked like this was something he really enjoyed. Diana joined us too and with our friend Louise leading the way and th committee that included Ashley, it was a weekend to end all weekends!

Now, I did really well with eating and working fact I ran and worked out even with our around the clock work schedule..until Golf day..

On Golf day, I was anxious and very uptight, but also very tired by then after all the event adn all the stress of the weekend up to that point. When we got to the 19th hole, they had breakfast for the players and after they got to their shot gun start, I went in and everyone was raving about the sausage biscuits. I thought I would try one...( the alcoholic that is going to have "one" shot...and that is no joke). I had the one..then two...then three..and i was off. I ate a couple of muffin tops and then not that much longer after we took the spouses to a brunch and they had a tent set up with treats and the hosts were making more biscuits and goodies. I had two of those, fried pickles, and a taste of this and that. Then that evening had some pasta and salad and went to bed after it was all over. All told I ate more in that one day than I had in weeks adn while it was a lot, it was not as bad as it was before I started this change..but it was a real reminder to me about my "triggers"...biscuits and fatty pork sausage being two..but also, being over tired and stressed! 
No, I did not gain any weight (and did not loose any either) and yes, I got right back to running the next day and have been on track since, but this is a day at a time and I have to be vigiliant. HALT is the word that I learned years ago that has saved my life in other it is the word that saves me for this process "Hungry, Angry, Loney, Tired" Whenever i am to hungry, angry, loney, or tired, i have to stop and really assess where I am and take care to feed the emotion not fill it up with food or something else. 

All in all it was an amazing weekend and frankly I am grateful for the little blip with the just reminds me of how good life is now and how I don't have to do that to myself..but moreover, that if somethign like that happens, I just get back to it..and not let myself get swallowed up by it...

So we did an update after the next volunteer week was over:

I volunteered for the entire week for the USS Gravely Commisioning. It was powerful week of events for the sailors and thier families for the launch of a ship named for Admiral Samuel Gravely, the first African Amercian Naval Officer and Admiral! It was so very special, particularly being with his widow and the ships sponsor Mrs. Alma Gravely and having gotten to know the Captain and his Lt. over the weeks and months before this time.

During this week, I ran and worked out as well and actually did really well with my diet.

It may seem funny to some that I am so involved in this as I was in the subamarine commissioning since I am a die hard pacifist. I have an inordinate amount of respect for the military and for all they do for us, not only in protecting our nation, but in the humanitarian efforst they can and do deploy regularly. Until the Bush Doctrine took effect where we became more openly aggressors, our military was the best at defense and keeping us strong, not as predators. Getting to know these Captains and the sailors, I have yet to meet a gun ho killer out to harm..I have only met the capable, skilled and trained at the ready men and women who are prepared to defend. They are truly amazing and very capable!

Commisionings are about the sailors and their families and it was very moving to see how much they were enjoying themselves. WIth the average age of the sailors being 22, there are profound moments when it hits you that they will be deployed soon. I wish for no war. I pray only for peace. However, I am proud of these men and women and I am grateful that we had this event in Wilmington, proud of all involved, and proud to have been involved.

Last but not least, during this mad cap week of events, we also had the Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Network Gala. It was a huge success and one that was very impactful. One of the best moments was when our main speaker and my friend Clyde Edgerton ended with a sing along. I forgot some of the words...but it makes me very happy!

God Bless all!

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