Friday, December 03, 2010

Day 320: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

you would think I would not get my butt kicked this morning since I got hurt last night..but noooooo! LOL! actually, it was good for me last evening to have a little pull, cause it reminds me to really pay attention and it helped us realize today an area I gotta focus some strength building on.

Adam wants me to get rid of the worry about speed on my running and focus on my heart rate. So I am strapped to the monitor again. It is dark when I run so I have to stop when there is a street light to check my rate and when I checked it the first time it was 160 and i was happy..cause i was bookin..the second time it dropped to 148..and he wants it over I stepped it up...the third time it was 160 again and then the fourth time it was 147..that's when I felt what I now know as the "abductor" give a little yelp...When I pushed off to get my speed up I must have done it too hard and the inside of my thigh lit up like a Christmas tree. This area has been being sensitive...but this was BAD! So, all my plans for the rest of the evening went out the window and I ended up soaking in my epsom salt blend for the rest of the night and taking it easy.

This morning, I felt it, but I was better..and Adam went to town on the work out..he had me on the other side of the bozo ball..not the hard surface but the squishy part..oh what fun that is to try and do squat presses on! I was off balance this morning...but with encouragement and Adam's patience, I got going. He was in a mood to keep my heart rate i was zipping through. I did not throw up..but that would have been nice! LOL!

all in all it was a great work out and I even got a text (equilvilent to a gold star) saying I did good! that actually made my morning!

Ya know..I don't care how long I do this or how much I change...the fact that I show up, one day at a time, the gift of being with someone that shows me what I can accomplish, and the feeling that comes from this never ceases to amaze me and show me what blessings are in my life.

thanks be!

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