Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 346: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

Goals for 2011: Three Fold!
This whole journey actually stared over 21 years ago for a deeper understanding  of how to live a more spiritual, healthy life.  In those first years I understood that I was a three fold being, spiritual, mental and physical and in this past year so much of my physical being has changed, but it would not have happened if that understanding of the three fold being had not been in place:

A higher power to guide me and being in touch with Him and all the peace, love, understanding, joy, and strength that is not only unconditional but unfathomable sustains each day of this journey.

Having a mind set that allows for learning and openness to change, being ready for the positive and acting in a manner that is willing to move from the negative to positive has been a blessing and to accept things when they are what they are. But to also know that this thinking is a discipline, that it is something I CONTROL when my thinking has taken me to places that act in opposition to the health and well being of my own self and if I want to be miserable and negative, well, then that is what I can choose.  

And finally being able to see my physical self and be able to see the changes, appreciate the good and find that I am capable of things that I never dreamed of but also just enjoy being able to do simple things and be grateful for that.

So in setting my new goals (that surpass what I am already doing) for this year, I want to do them in the three facets that make me a complete being: Goals for my Spiritual Life; Goals for my Mental Life: Goals for my Physical Life.

Yoga at least once a week: hope to have daily practice of some sort integrated by the end of the year.
Read one book a month on some spiritual text or philosophical writing. 
Walk on the beach/airlie/or other park once a month
Daily devotional morning and evening
Find an outlet to sing.

Take a class
Read at least one fiction novel a month
Have a game night once a month
Learn more about painting and color combos/paint

Run a 10k (the bridge run in Charleston)
Do team in training with Neesha
Get the final 20 off.
Learn to kayak
Move from 5k Tuesday and Thursday to 10k
Break 11 minute mile

When my childhood hero, Meadowlark Lemon was here in the fall, I got to sit with him and talk for a while and he talked about what he and his family do in their home for “goals”. They call it the “vision board”. Whatever it is that they want they write on the board and they see it each day and they keep their mission or their focus in front of them at all times.

It is my intent to take this practice into these goals this year and make sure that I have these goals in front of me and keep them in front of me. I want for myself, my family life, and for what I do to be a part of the success of this coming year.

While I have learned over the years that changes, surprises and things are always around the corner, I know, and I have faith that I will be given everything that I need in each and everyday to handle whatever is placed in front of me by my higher power, whom I call God.  It is not only a comfort, it is a celebration because I can plan and enjoy thinking about things to come as the outcome is not in my hands.

So, here’s to 2011 and the days ahead! One day at a time!

God Bless us all!

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