Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Day 324: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

awesome day of celebrating and having some christmas cheer with my fellow santas at the "good friends" luncheon! 600 plus women who get together..give money, have a bag lunch and then use that money throughout the year to help those in need! What a way to celebrate! All we had to do was dress up like santa..say "merry christmas" sing..and then collect the money! I lOVED it! bringing christmas cheer is not a hard thing to do AT ALL! The best part is that I could not only fit into my santa costume I was a skinny santa this year. literally, last year, I could barely get the suit closed..and forget wearing a belt..and I had to have help getting on my boot covers cause if i bent down it would possible burst the suit! What a relief this year..What a relief! this blog is about charting the progress and sharing the story of this journey, so I gotta be honest. I needed that today, just like I need everyday a little reminder about my progress. But here lately I have been stuck on this platueau and as much as i say I am dealing with it and saying that I am being positive..I am worried more than I have been saying.

Partly because we are in the Holiday season and i am literally surrounded on all sides by treats and food and goodies and food and of course we are entertaining too and I am doing all these events. And partly because it is some pretty high stress right now and I am very tired. Ok..yep..I know HALT..hungry angry lonely tired..I am just having to move through it righ now.

It is VERY difficult to stay the course and VERY difficult to feel the kind of regularity I normally feel.

I know it sounds like some, as they used to say in something else I was involved in " high class problems" considering how far I have come..but I am feeling a bit off the beam as it were.

I am so grateful that I am showing up at least right now. I know that is half the battle. Having Michael's support and Adam helping me..that is HUGE! just doldrum's..ya know.

So, I had to share this...cause it just would not be honest if I didn't....
No worries though...I started my day at 5:30 headed to the gym..and no matter what..I know how many blessings are in my life. Thanks be to God for all of it and all of you!

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