Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Day 395: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

I was sick since last thursday and began writing this post on Sunday:

A little better today, but still sick and frankly, sick and tired of not doing anything. I have been in this bed since Thursday night after I got back from the Wilmington 10 remembrance. I wanted so badly to go and meet Reverend Ben Chavis afterward and shake his hand for all that he did and has done, but I just could not. I was, by the end of it, completely zapped of energy and while I was feeling something coming on all week, I was not prepared for what hit.

Oh well..aside from not training on friday, eating stuff while not training (althuoght I am happy to say that while I ate too much of the good stuff, I did not comfort myself with anything inapporiate. Michael got us Pita delite, Zoe's and hibachi take out, and I ate oranges and my main comfort food was black bean brownies. I had some spinach, tomoato and feta pizza from incredible pizza, and was ok with that...but the no exercise really stunk!

what has been great though is that by posting about being sick, I have found some great new things for keeping me healthy! I learned about the
Netipot: It is amazing how this works and while it seemed very uncomfortable to use, it cleared my sinuses and probably helped me not to have more infections like sudafed!

I also learned of a Vitamin company right here in North Carolina that I can order from when I don't get my vitamins from Tidal Creek:
Vitacost is a North Carolina Company and i love to support North Carolina if not Wilmington Companies!

I take the megafood, men over 40 vitamin an it is completely kick and thier price is amazing!

So, being in bed was productive at least for this!

I got back to the gym this morning and was doing pretty well. I was a little frustrated, but I was able to do some arm and chest work with Adam. My push ups were not as good as usual and I knocked out 20 on the floor and about 15 on the second set on the bozo ball..and the third set was about 18 on the floor..the pull up was not as good either...but Adam was very encouraging about being back after being out sick...and my lungs were burning! :) It was just great to be in and feel like I was doing something! LOL!
He and I have come up with a plan to take things to the next is going to get intereesting I think...
Stay tuned! :)


carol said...

left a brilllian comment but lost it cause I forgot my password - anyway my point was that a whole of us forget that what gets us into trouble in the first place is seeking perfection and the inablity to accept that "messing up" isn't really messing up at all, just be real. keep on trucking Bo.

Jim Penny said...

I started the Neti Pot some over a year ago on a lark, mainly to see what the buzz was about. I also figured it'd make an interesting vid, at least until I found the 885478943276 other vids on YouTube. I was in the sinus infection a month club, taking Mucinex D like candy.

Since I started waterboarding myself regularly, I've not had one sinus anything, and that's well over a year now.

BTW, I switched over to Morton's Sea Salt.