Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 406: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

There are no coincidences in my life. The other day CeCe Nunn did an amazing story in the paper about a woman in the area who has lost 200 pounds and will be featured on the show "Heavy" on A&E. I was so moved by the story. First, you all know that Adam is the best in my life and I will always reccomend him as he is one talented trainer and truly a great friend and committed to this community, but in the article, it turned out that Debbie is being trained by Nick Kentrolis. Nick has been training folks in the area since 1985 and has been a supporter of my journey all along regardless of who is training me.

Nick too has been supporting the community and a lot of folks know him as well because he sings the star spangled banner at the heart walk! What a gift to see Debbie being trained by Nick and see her journey and all of it come together in such a great way for her!

Well, I facebooked here and knew from her response that this was a soul that "gets it'. She was as warm and loving in her response as you can be in a message and we made plans to hit the loop in the weeks ahead.

Well, today, I decided I needed a day for Michael and I. This week has just been intense and i needed a day off. It was also an amazing day in weather..and outside of head winds that were was after we did a lot together I got on the bike and took off for the beach. It was a great ride!
As I rounded the loop I saw a woman who looked a lot like Debbie and pulled over. When I asked her if it was her and told her who I was it was like long lost friends.

See the video:
(if you are a "follower", click here )

So, it turns out that the episodes with her on them begin to air on Monday nights at 10! There is a get together at 10pm at the Triangle Lounge and all are invited!

I am psyched about her journey and the show because I have tried (and Lord knows Adam has tried to get me to watch the other! LOL)..but I just cannot get into the biggest loser. I just despise the "competition" side of the show....the sending folks home. Obesity changes and getting healthy are/is not a freakin' competition! It is not a "challenge" is a commitment to one is a day at a time mental, physical and spiritual change that comes with love and support from others, but most importantly finding love for myself. It just has not room for and cannot include  jealousy and selfishness or desires to surpass or win against each other. This is just my experience and it is nice to see a show that is seeking to follow the progress of folks to succeed unabated by that kind of element.

Debbie is amazing and i cannot wait to continue to see her journey as I continue on mine! I also cannot wait to see her show! What an inspiration!

For more on her story you can see the local stories at WECT and the Starnews:

thanks be for Debbie! thanks be for these journeys!

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