Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 414: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

I started this blog on Wednesday, but it has been quite a week, so I am combining:

It is amazing how feeling...connecting...and sharing is so healing and is absolutely essential to stay the course for health and wellness. I know I am a broken record..but I need a daily reminder that I am a physical, mental,and spiritual being and if one or all of those pieces of me is stressed or distressed, how I respond or treat that can make the difference in how or even if I can recover,heal, or move through a difficult period. This week, with the loss of a dear friend my spirit was most certainly hurt. The sadness and the loss was huge. While I am still mourning..what had made my heart lighter is how I responded to this. I drove to Raleigh on Tuesday.

I was absent minded to say the least for a few days. I was lost in a mix of missing Julian and mourning his death and really being confronted with how life can change very suddenly one day at a time. Some of what I was feeling was fear..fear that if this could happen to him, it could happen to anyone..and ego centrically focused on it happening to me.

But fear or "fact (not in) evidence appearing real", is a state that needs to be walked through...and felt in my experience or it can be deadly, or at the least unhealthy. For so long I did with fear what i did with so many other emotions..I did something to appease it..comfort it...stuff it. Eat, buy, do whatever it took to try and satiate the fear. Over the years prayer has been a great help. But the greatest of all means to deal with fear with me was what transpired.

Tuesday, I met up with some of my oldest friends before the visitation and we had a chance to just sit and talk, reminisce and talk about what we where feeling. We all were in shock, but as we sat there, sharing and connecting, joking about time past and good memories, but also addressing some of the real issues and concerns we were all facing, it was like a weight began to lift and I found myself breathing easier. By the time I left the visitation, I was beginning to feel restored. I did not have to do something to myself or stuff myself or be unheatlthy..I could laugh, cry and even get angry and I was safe. My higher power works through me and He works through others. I have known this for a long time. On Tuesday I was embraced by God in so many ways...

When I got back to Wilmington, I did call in the next morning for training and ask if I could skip after such a long day the day before. Adam understood. But by the afternoon after work, I was at the gym and working out..doing what we would have done that morning.

The rest of the week is almost a blur. I was involved in a fundraiser for an agency that I have been a part of for a long time. Between that and trying to stay a float at work, it has been stressful and busy.
But, I have shown up for my health this week. I have shown up for my eating, and I am so grateful! By the weekend, I needed to just take the weekend off. yesterday i shopped for our house, cleaned my car, did laundry..focused on what we needed in our home. I ever got in a 5k and it felt so good to run.There had to be some down time!

Lastly, I am introducing a signature at the bottom for my posts. These are links to all those things I have discovered help keep my healthy or have been local businesses that have been so good in my ability to get what i need to be healthy! They are not paying me or endorsing me, but I want to recommend them. Keeping paying it forward!

 Links to the Keys to my Health and Wellness Success!
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