Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 397: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

So proud of Michael getting up and going with me to the Gym this morning this is becoming a regular for us! It is awesome and he is starting to really enjoy it too!

I started back this morning running before I trained and it felt awesome! It was cold as hell...but it was great and it really did make a difference!

So today was the first day of the "new plan" of action with Adam! It was awesome. We are now working out together! Don't get me wrong..he is still the teacher and I am the student..but he needed to get in some time for working out with all the new clients he has (YEAH!) and this is something we can go with each other!

I was a little worried, to be honest..cause I watch folks "work out together" in the gym and what I see usually is one person standing around while the other one is working out. The other thing I have seen is a lot of talking and socializing in those set ups and not a lot of working. Adam and i talk enough as it is! LOL!
But, as usual, and sticking to the same thing that Adam told me from day one: "don't look at what others are doing!", we did our thing and it was great! In fact, on many of the exercises, we were able to do them in tandem and with the help of the mirrors (which, I am happy to say are more tolerable than they were a year ago!) Adam can still help me with my form and show me what to do. The other part was that I got to compare in a good way my strength to Mr. Yoda -Muscle and I am doing pretty good! Sometimes it is hard for me to actually know that I am getting better cause, while he says I am getting stronger and yes, it feels it, I don't "see it"...and of course it "burns!" actually being in tandem with someone that really is strong and fit and seeing that in many cases we are using the same weight with the same reps and he has to exert similar effort, helps me to know I am on the right path.

What takes this, on another level,  to a "whole nother level" is that we are going to do this 5 days a week...not just m/w/f and do concentrated work outs on sets of muscles each morning. Now, I have been exercising m-f as it is, so this  should not be a big deal, but it is a new twist on what we have been doing and of course I get "excited" about changes! :) I have to see that I can do it. But,  like the little engine that could "I think I can...blah blah blah!" LOL!

If you had ever asked me a year and two months ago if I would go to the gym each day I would have said I just can't find the time. But I had time to be out with back issues, sick, time to do all sorts of things that were unhealthy and while it is an effort some days..taking one-freakin hour to go and work out is just not that big of a deal any fact, it is an essential part of my life now.

So much good...thanks be!

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