Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 402: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

The add that is running in Encore Magazine as Thanks!

So, last night was the "Best of Wilmington 2011" from Encore Magazine (click on the ad above to go is a great resource in our commnunity and an awesome pub!).
It was a complete shock when I got the notice two weeks ago that this blog had been voted best blog. What was even better was that it was another way to get the word out to talk about the Heart Association, Adam's amazing Personal training and Heidi's nutrition and maybe reach a whole new group of folks who had never heard about it. That was the deal..that was the way to "pay it forward" for all the gifts I had been given...was to make sure that I made it happen that I got this to as many others as possible and we walked this path togehter! Well, you all made that possible by voting for this blog and making sure that it got noticed and Shea over at Encore made soem pretty sweet deals on the ads so I could pay for something that would spread the word as well! Win win all around!
This journy is a day at at time forever..this is not "lose a hundred pounds and then its over"...this is about health and wellness and finding ways to live that health and wellness. The beginings...yeah..that was really imporatnt because it brougth me to this point..but living this life..that is even better and sharnig that..even more so! we live healthier..know more about being healthier..that is what is to come..and as long as the blog is here..and you can go back to day one..I can keep it green, so speak and others can start on their own pace and see the jouney's beginings and see also where it leads! that is pretty cool too!

But is about saying thank you! Today is just a day of gratitude!
I posted on Ashley's facebook, Adam's, and on Kristi's adn I am going to on Heidi's how very grateful I am for each of them..through them, this miracle has occured becuase they were willing to generous in love and heart...not selfish, jealous or boastful...(remember my post on love yesterday). God, how amazing to have friends like that!! How blessed!

This morning, Adam and I worked out together. Each morning now we work out a differnet set of muscles and I run..yep..I run every morning a mile and a half. It is time that is a blessing, with someone who is blessed, who is my best friend out side my own partner. No matter what devils or ills are snapping at my heels, this is and will always be such a gift...and something I just cannot imagine I can ever repay..but this blog..this blog is my attempt and I pray it blesses...does whatever for others...

Happy happy day all!

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