Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 415: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

 Got going early this felt good to have actually had a Sunday off and a "day of rest" that helped me to get started for the week. I am finding more and more as I get older that i have to have at least one day each week to "be off"..and whether that means to just have time to watch TV, or go to the beach, or sit and contemplate..I need that time to regenerate.

This morning was downright warm. It was Spring all over the place in terms of the weather. 2 Swans have taken up homesteading in the retention pond outside of the Gym and they were just having and early morning swim as I headed off for my run. It felt great. What felt even better was feeling my body underneath my run feeling..well..for lack of a better word "toned". Now, don't get me wrong..there is work to do...but there was this solid feeling as I ran and it felt really good and I felt "strong"...I am begining to enjoy that feeling. 

Adam was in his usual good mood to being our work out and we got busy on back, chest and arms. Again, I was feeling "strong" fact, sometimes I have to do a double take at what I am able to work with on the weights! It is even better when i don't have to adjust down the weight when Adam gets off the machine! That does not happen all that often (lol)..but when it does, it is amazing. Little by little, this 44 year old is progressing...It just makes me want to do more. 

Michael went with me this morning and that was awesome! It is like a family going in there now. From my long time friend David to the my new friends who moved here David and Brian..and all in between, it is just a great feeling to go in and be connected. 

We worked out well and off to work.  My office was unbearable in terms of the lack of air condition. We have had this problem for over a year and it has made us sick at times and we have struggled with it for a while. This morning it actually made me angry because all the pleading, asking, and struggling with it has gone on deaf ears...we are suffering, the students are suffering and we hear "it will be wednesday" as if that helps today or that makes it better somehow. 
I posted how i felt on my wall and some very dear friends got me out of the anger by reminding me how much worse it would be if this had been over a year ago and I was still at 348! I probably would have passed out for sure! It did not change the situation, but I was grateful to be reminded of something to be thankful for during that time and move me out of that feeling of helplessness and anger! I still am. 

I went to my commissioner's meeting this evening and I am ready for bed now. It has been a good day and I am thankful!

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