Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 388: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

Sunday night and I just saw a friend post that he wants a weekend "do over'. I am totally with him. I do not feel all the rested and not sure I am ready for the week ahead...but, I this past week has been a good one and I have busted tail on a couple of levels.

Adam has wanted me to do some "building" on each session we have had has been about a specific set of muscles this week. Monday: Chest, Wednesday: Legs, and Friday Arms. It was intense, but what was the best part about it was being able to do it! :) The slow build and the progress that i have been on to this point has enabled me to always be saying that I am doing things I never thought I would be able to.

On top of the weight training, I have had a cardio addition in the afternoon on these days. It is new and I am actually doing ok with it. One night I ran and the other I did the elliptical. But the best was Saturday when I got to go to Body Flow! GOd, I love this class! I always wanted to be able to do yoga and tai chi and all that...and this is a combination of all it. It is a but kicker, but it stretches me and allows me to really be more flexible. I wish so much that they would offer this class during the week before work or to start the fact, I have been really confused in looking even at the yoga center that the earliest classes are like at 8? When do all these people work? :) But, at least I got to take class on Saturday...and I was able to do almost everythign that was asked as we went through each level..even the balancing..actually, especially the balancing..and it felt really good!  the toughest part was the tract with the ab exercises....I got a little worn out there...but was able to do most of it. I wish everyone was in this class with me! It is really awesome!

Anyway..on the diet front, it was a great week (except today...Sunday is always a weird day with too much time for snacking)...I really did well with being good to myself and limiting my snacks...I am in the season of the orange right now! these amazing navel oranges are coming in and I am so in love with them!

I have discovered an additive for my food that I am using and the more I read about it the more I am glad I have discovered it! Flax seed! Now, it may not be the most pleasant of conversations, but regulatory issues are a big one for diet and health! I can assure you that before this change, there were some major issues. Treating my digestive system well and doing some natural things with watching cholesterol etc is awesome and this stuff does not taste bad and is perfect in most foods!  
I love me some Cosco again, because they sell it in bulk in addition to the protien bars that are so awesome that I have been using! The protein bars are particularly important now as I build a little and need to be very aware of the calories and sugars that some of them have! The ones I found a cosco have 2grams of sugar and are only 200 calories! Of course, like anything else,  can't eat them like Candy, but they are a good addition to my work outs and start in the am and part of one for a snack!

Anyway...This week is full of neat things that are coming up and I am excited about it! I will find some rest here and there throughout.

It is an awesome life! thanks be!

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