Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Day 361: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

The first week back and things are on track. Monday morning WE went into the gym and it was awesome! Yep, Michael went with me and that was great! He did the treadmill and I went to training with Adam....and Adam had a great deal in store...but what was amazing was that on Monday, to start the new year, we began with whole new levels of ability:

At first I thought it was going to be a normal routine...squat, curl, presses with 20 pound weights..then Adam walked over the assited pull up machine. I have not been on that in quite a while and interestingly the night before i had a dream that I was able to go into the gym and do a chin up without the assistance of the weights on the machine. So, I went over to the machine and hopped on, and while I was certainly not at the point of doing chin ups without some weights on it, I knocked it  out with no problem AND the weight added to the machine is only 150 pounds! It was amazing! WITH Adam helping to push on the weights AND me barely able to get through a whole set, that was the way I did this machine the last time! It was phenomenal!

It was another example of how, a little by little, over time, things...well, I am growing and changing!
To that end, we went to the mirrored area and Adam causally said, "grab the 50's"...I looked at him like he had lost his daggone mind!!!! But he insisted. Now, mind you, since i already reacted in a way that put it to it that there was no way that was gonna work, i set myself up for this to be difficult and as I have said..that is a big no no! But..there I was. I picked them up and I struggled to do sitting squats with them...but sure enough as I whimpered through...I did them!

Then he had me do planks and return to them. Having seen that I could do it the first time and realzing how negative I was being..i decided to approach it more positively..and sure enough the second set went more smoothly..certainly not easily...but more smoothly..and by the third set...It kicked my butt..but I got through it!

Now...that said...I realized that I would NEVER have atttempted that on my own without guidance. It does take help and the belief from others to guide me...to help me see my own potential in many ways and Adam has done that.

The big issue fro a lot of folks is being able to afford a trainer. Adam has set up a personal, online system that is WAY affordable to help those who cannot do the sessions in the gym. This is absolutley affordable and a means to really make this type of program accessible. I pray that folks will use it!


As well, as using this type of program, outing oneself..sharing your goals with others..letting your friends know what you want and that you want to change or get healthy can also be so helpful! 

I cannot tell you how much doing this blog has held me to account for my own success. Sharing this story has helped me to really get honest with myself but also make me think about what I am doing and how I am doing it. And the amazing folks who have shared with me their stories, their support, their love in return has been the very spirtual and mental substance that has kept me and keeps me going! 

tonight I ran down the Shell trail along eastwood road...tomorrow I will get up and go to the gym. After almost a year of this change it is nice to know what I will be doing for myself and moreover, it is nice to give myself the gift of this change.  It sounds cliche, but it was waiting for me for a long time, I just had to unwrap it..and I thank God...yes, even during squat, curl, presses, that I did! 

Thanks be!

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