Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 285: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

progress not perfection is happening in one major area and I am glad I took the time to see it today and sometimes think look easier than they actually are! :) Those are my two themes today!

I decided to go for my run over my lunch hour yesterday. I have seen a lot of folks do this over the years..use lunch to run and it seemed like a perfectly lovely idea..well, that is where the "looks easier than it actually is comes in.

I had to get home, which is not hard, since we are right by the office, but change, make sure not to dilly dally in the house and hit the road. The run itself was good. I actually thought I had picked up my pace substantially..and got my head in that too much instead of just enjoying the run. When I finished, I looked down at the "mapmyrun" app and I had only done 2.13 miles at 13:55 a mile. I was dessimated! I thought for sure I had broken 13 minutes a mile and had gone at least three when I stopped. I was actually angry when I walked in the house. But then...I looked at the app..and my recent runs..and I realized something..
2.93 miles 13:28 a mile
4.0 miles 14:54 a mile
2.0 miles 14:54 a mile
2.41 miles 13.07 a mile
2.09 miles 13:59 a mile
1.94 miles 15:00 a mile

While there have been two occassions were I got up on the my stride, for the most part, not only was today a good run, it was a new area for me to run in, but in all of this I am making progress! Hell, I only started running less than a month ago! Dag... It is so dangerous for me to get hung up to fast on pushing to be...oh..whatever...and not just enjoying this and getting the maximum benift out of it! I am running by God and that is something to celebrate! to the looks easier than..I am pooped now on my break at work..running mid day is a butt kicker. I am glad I did it becuase I was and am sure it is going to rain this evening, but it has zapped me.

Now it is actually Friday...I never finished that post becuase when I got home, I made dinner with Michael and as we finished I zonked out on the couch. I awoke at 11 to his adventures in Fable II (have I mentioned I am a Fable widow of late! LOL!..seriously, I love it when he has something he so enjoys!)...and I went back downstairs to bed.

I got up and went to the gym this morning. I had played with the mapmyrun app on the phone and noticed a voice activiation is SOOOO cool and helpful. see, now, every morning before I work out i run. I have not been sure how far of how fast, but I know it is awesome becuase this is the first place I tried to run and was not able to even get to the first traffic circle. Now I get to the end of the road and back and THEN start my work out.

So, long story short (I, know..too late!) this morning I used the voice system and it, every 10th of a mile told me what my pace was, my miles per hour, and accumulated time etc. It was very cool and helped me to see where I was and how I was doing. I really could monitor how I ran and sure enough..I am not crazy..I do run over 5 miles an hour..but when I get lost in drops down to 4.2 or 4.0 even. By having the voice system (kinda like adam! LOL!) in my head, it kept me on an even pace and when I got back to the gym, I had done a Distance 1.46 mi, Duration 16:26, Pace 11:16 min/mile, Speed 5.3 mph! It was such an awesome feeling..and I could have done more!

We worked out and I mean we worked out! Adam has me on leg drop sets starteing at 300 pounds, to 280, to 270...then run the stairs in some choreographed fashion, then chest presses in drop sets, then the stairs, then pull downs in drop sets, then stairs and repeat! It is pretty amazing!

So, all in all it is amazing! So grateful!

I am going to post more this weekend about some body imaging stuff! But this is great!

have a great Friday and happy halloween!

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