Friday, October 08, 2010

Day 264 1/2: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

I am not sure if these videos are able to be seen to folks are subscribers, but if you go to the blog, they are there. But I had to post these becuase they are very special.  Adam, not as a trainer, but just my friend, has decided to run with me! Michael has decided to walk the loop when we run! So, you can imagine how amazingly happy this all makes me...cause i get to do this new thing that I love and do with those I love. It is awesome!

My run today was and is dedicated to my friends Mary and Scott. Scott just finished his treatments with his cancer, and now folks know that my friend Mary is being treated. Scott is one of those rare individuals that you meet in a lifetime who with a steady, quiet, and wonderful intellect and sould combined makes a difference in the world in so many amazing ways. His process with his cancer is over and he is cancer free and i am one of many who selfishly celebrate this because I am absolutey honored to call him my friend and work with him on some things.

My friend Mary is a towering power of example of what it means to take just good care of yourself...she is an example to me of not only good health, but being just a good person. She has used ever spare moment in service of others and while this cancer has treatment her response was to me "I can't wait for us to run togehter". She has been amazing in supporting my journey and I am grateful for her!

So, tonight, as all this love and all of this good was invoked, we ran with these spirits in mind. Frankly, I have not said it, but rarely do I have a work out when I don't think or carry someone with me. When I fatique I think of those who suffered from heart disease and I lost them, when I am victorious in taking a next step I carry all those who have and continue to support me, and when I travel the different areas of Wilmington I think of all the amazing people who make it possible for all of us to have places to get healthy. Keeping my mind on so many wonderful people makes the works outs, the work almost effortless.

here are the videos:

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Steve said...

SOOOOO VERY PROUD OF YOU BO!!! you are an inspiration to many people including myself....keep up the good work and next time I come visit Adam the three of us need to go for a run!