Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 281: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

I can hardly believe that it is Sunday already..but it has actually been a weekend this weekend and I am very grateful! I have been able to get the house a little cleaner, catch up on some sleep and do some projecty stuff that I have not been able to attend to as well as have a little time to just relax...pull out the monasatary seats, stretch, pray, dance..and enjoy this amazing weather and be at home! :) It has been nice!

Thursday I ran the loop and posted it as a video without posting on the blog. I had a particularly aggressive day with the blogger boohead..but I had a great moment of clarity and let the run run it off for me! Here is the vid again:

After the run, i felt so good and felt so much relieved from my shoulders and heart. I allowed myself the room to feel the good and the change that is in my life and it was really wonderful!

I spent Friday evening just relaxing and Saturday, I got up and did a run around the university this time instead of the loop at wrightsville beach. Since i discovered that the uni was exactly 3 mile around on the perimeter, the run makes for perfect practice for up and coming 5k races and with the time changing and light getting less in the evening, it is a much safer place to run than in the neighborhood or even wrightsville beach.

I did not really increase my speed any, but I had a nice pace and it felt good. I have noticed that it, like the eliptical and other exercises that I have done, takes a few minutes in before I can be sure I am going to make it. Usually I want to stop or turn around in the beginning..but pushing through it begins to feel better and then it feels as though I could go forever! it is really cool!

Anyway, got to hang out a little with Adam and his girlfriend Diana and their friend form charlotte this morning and look at a project we may do togther. Not much about it yet, but what is really cool is that there is nothing but possibilities in my life today and there is so much that can be done with not on this health..but with this wellness that can be shared. I have so much more to learn, but so much to share. there is a calling and I have to seek my way in how to follow that calling...stay tuned! :)

BTW: this morning I decided to video my cooking..check out one of the best ways I taught myself how to cook an amazing breakfast without oil or butter. I love this breakfast...and it is part of the way I have learned and discovered ways to take better care of myself.

thanks be to God!

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