Friday, October 08, 2010

Day 264: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

It has been an amazing week since I last posted. Sorry for the multiple videos and the message being condensed, but we have been traveling to DC with the students and so much has been happening.

We arrrived in DC for the Honors Lyceum on Saturday and I had about an hour before I took my first group out for a tour. I was so ready to run and fulfill a long standing dream to run on the mall, and off I went.

What was really cool about the run was that at the same time I am having this life affirming event, they were gathering for the march on washington to support the president and to stand up for the working citizens and efforts in this country! So, this combination of energies was just the rush I needed and was so very wonderful!

But the run was just the begining...I have been going on this trip and leading excursions and groups for a while. But this year was significantly different: No shin splints, no being out of breath as we went up capitol hill, and I was able to go out and enjoy things in the evening (not to late like the students LOL!) after a full day of walking and running around. This has NEVER been the case before. I have been so overwhlemed and sluggish and not able to do enough becuase of my health and weight and this time, I was so much freer and could explore so much more! It was awesome! It was also amazing becuase i had Michael with me and the energy was just plain good!
Now, mind you, exercise was amazing, but food..well...let's just call this a vacation and not dwell! LOL! I did really well on not eating candy and even found a place to sit down to eat when the bus stopped instead of fast food. But the snacks that I bought for the students were everyhwere and i was less than constrained. Again, it was better thant the five pounds of choclotate and potato chips that i would have eaten last year, but there were granola breakfast bars, gorp, and pretzel snacks and goldfish and i ate them. What I don't like about this isn't event the weight issue, it's that I was eating out boredom on the bus, or just eating..not because I was hungry and somehow, being away from home made it ok? NO, not at all. I did not dwell and kept moving forward and when we had meals i had the most incredible food at places, but i did not go overboard..just enjoyed the chef's work and loved the opportunity to try new things.  -

Right now is the busiest time I can imagine and the next month or so will be just flat insane. But I will make it one day at a time and will enjoy it, I just know I will, becuase i have discovered and uncovered putting my health at the forefront!

Here are just some vids from the trip of things we did. The last is my last run on the mall which was so amazing and so fulfilling. I just can't say enough about how amazing it is to be able to grow and continue to enjoy the world around me in new ways. I have yet in this life to have a time, but in particular, these last 22 years where I am not finding more ways to see how very blessed things are and ways to see and experience those blessings.

Thanks be!

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