Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 277: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

got going late this morning and was actually 10 minutes late to the gym! OH MY! LOL! but it was not horrid..just the bed felt soooo good this morning and I hit snooze a little too much! :) but I made it!

Last night I hit a record for distance with 2.5 miles out onto shell trail running and 2.5 miles back..yep, that's 5 miles folks! it actually felt good and I think I was keeping a pace close to my 5 mile an hour goal..but i know that I was faster going out than I was going part because i got lost in thought on the way out trying to sort out some things from the day. I swear that as I was running I literally lost my sense of place adn time and when I looked up I was back on cardinal drive in my neighborhood adn off the trail adn could not remember how i got there. I was that much in thought. The cool thing about that was that I was able to really work out things that were bothering me and connect. the bad thing was that I was not paying attention to my pace or time. the better thing was that I was free from the stress and worry of the physicality of the run! That was amazing! It was so freeing and I felt so free. I loved it.
Now according to my little ap on my phone (by the way, this I phone thingy that has certainly absorbed me into the borg has paid for itself and then some with these aps for my health and wellness with music, training etc)..I burned 329 calories out and 329 on the way back...damn near half the intake of calories for a day! That is AMAZING! so....i guess you realize that i am hooked..

But here is the blog for today...I am SO GLAD I DO NOT LISTEN TO MY OWN BAD TAPES or OTHER PEOPLE's EITHER.

Think about many times have you heard others say "if you run you will hurt your back?" "I gon't run because it will hurt my knees" "I don't xyz because xyz will happen or has happen".. Well, duh...of course these things can and do happen...SOOOOO WHAT!

I have figured out that we..well I am my own best friend and my own worst enemy...we..I ..can talk myself into the best of things for myself and talk myself out of the best of things for myself as well!

I have had horrible..delbilitating back bad that I have nightmares about it. But I 1.) did not stregthen my core, gained over 160 pounds 2. did not take care of myself AT ALL 3.) rarely had any physical activity etc etc etc and I have hereditary issues. BIGGEST OF ALL..I never took the time to LEARN how to exericize..learn how to work out and treat myself well. SO DUH..If so fatso..I had a bad back! LOL! This is not to say I won't have this again..but here is the difference...I am doing what I am doing now becuase i have professional advise I am actually LISTENING TOO! LOL!..I treat myself and my back well...and I am doing things that stregthen areas that are macking the back less of a sore spot. My back going out will be less about running or exercise and more about age or incidental things..and I can LIVE LIVE LIVE and do do do! there is no reason for me not to now!

The same is for my knees. I did not take the time to get fitted for shoes? I did not take the time to learn how to run flat footed. To learn about lean learn how pace myself and streghten the areas and muscles around my knees to make them stronger. I can run by God...and while my knees do ache, I have sense enough to lighten up and do what I have been taught to make it better when it happens..and I can LIVE LIVE LIVE and do do do!

But Lord have mercy...if I listen to otehrs..or, if I get into my own stinking thinking..I can limit myself so easily and prevent myself from feeling this freedom..this feeling of..well, you get it...

None of this happens without guidance..without is not careless..but it is also not so overprotected and filled with "I will nots or i cannots"...just a few "not todays..but I am open to seeing what I can do tomorrows"...Thanks be to God!

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