Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 282: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

we started the week with adam kicking my butt for sure. We are out of the oxygen express room and back in the regular gym..drop sets are the order of the day and we are droppin' me for sho! :) drop sets on the horse..then running up the steps four sets..then drop sets on the four sets up the steps..drops sets on the pull down..then four sets up the steps..then 5 minutes on the bike and level 14 at over 80 rpm steady as she goes..rinse and repeat! LOL!

of course I got in 30 minutes of running to start of the day..and I am pooped!

the very cool thing was that as I climbed the steps, the most amazing sunrise was coming up and it was breaking through with these amazing colors. Did NOT want to miss that and was incentivizing getting to the top of those stairs for sure! What wonder! So glad I was there to see matter the cost of the sweat! LOL!

We joke all the time about the work out not being worth it unless Mickey Mouse comes out...Adam took a pic this morning to show that Mickey was front and center...

so. you should be able to see ole mickey's ears, and his face outlined in my shirt. He usually appears at warm up after I have run a good 30 minutes and hangs around through out. The very cool thing is that he is less and less looking as if he is swollen and more flat to the shirt as an imprint! :) 
but, if Mickey does not appear, I am not working hard I am always looking to have a disney experience at the gym! LOL!

Anyway...the rest of the day has gone well. I had a great meeting at lunch and with a new connection for doing good things in the world...and then off to the commissioner's meeting. I think at the commissioner's meeting I genuinely got a sense of feeling like it was time that the past is just that. The work that we did to move things forward has been done and we are here now and can trust the process. It is a new day and one that we can be proud of and I can feel good about being a part of things...and just, not relax perse..but not always feel like I am having to "speak up" or watch....we have an amazing staff and a great bunch of commissioners. This is a truly wonderful feeling and a stress that is lessened and a job that is more than worth doing. Thanks be to God. It is amazing. They are amazing!

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