Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 444: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

Really, it cannot be wednesday already! It is unreal how fast it goes!

It has been a great day! Got going early with training. Adam has changed it up a bit with wed being arms and Monday being chest, so that Friday we can do legs and the next day I don't have to worry about running as much. Doing legs on Wednesday makes for a hard run first thing on Thursday morning!

I am, however doing some cardio on training days as well because it really helps. The stepper thing I got here in the house is great and Adam showed me how to use it to my best advantage (ie..not bobbing up and down when I am on it...but keeping my upper body as still as I can and really just working my legs and staying on my heels as much as I can). It is intense and I am burning out about 300 calories on it! In fact last night I added two sets of squat, curl, and over head presses with 25 pound weights on my bozo ball that I have a home. It was great. But at the gym this morning, it was curls first, then overhead presses, then flys all the way out to the side, and then back lifts off the side of one of the benches (I know I am not calling these the right thing...but you put your feet and butt out and your arms behind you on the edge of the bench and with your back as close to the bench as possible, lower yourself up and down until you cry..I mean until you are done! LOL! (three or four sets of all those..can't remember)..then he had me try something new with "diamond" push ups, where you put your hand flat in a diamond shape right under your chest and do the push up from there. I could do a few...that actually felt amazing.

Anyway...what has been cool this week is that it has been INSANE (ok..that is not the cool part)..what has been cool is that twice this week.."no" has been a complete sentence! I don't know if you noticed, but I am not really good at the word no...but I am actually better after all these years..I still, though have to work at it. Well, the other night we had a great time practicing for a charity show. At the end there was a lot of pressure to go out afterward. It was great because I said no and I stuck to it! Yes, I would love to hang with people I like..but my prority is to have time with Michael, be good to me, get to bed, exercise...etc....and by saying no..i could have time to do things..but not over do. Sound like not a big deal? Well, it is for me because when I don't say no is when I get uber stressed and then..guess what...I am eating crap, not taking care of me, and I am all over the place with my own care. It is almost embarrassing that at 44 I am just getting some of this more regularly...ok..maybe I have understood a little..but I am doing better.

The second no was, I was hanging out and we were in rush and the suggestion was "well just pull through a drive through". For a split second I almost did.  But I have not been in a drive through since January 7th 2010. So, no, I don't care if it is for someone else...I ain't doing it. We can find something else together. See, it isn't just that it's crap food...Fast food is a trigger food. I eat it and I want more. If I get back into that routine...well, it's just not gonna happen.

Speaking of trigger foods: my rotary had a BBQ sale today and it went great. But, it was difficult. Again, it is almost embarrassing to say "i am powerless over BBQ"..but...BBQ is a trigger. I start eating it and I want more and more and more. I ate some for lunch and did not go to far..but LORD...i felt it and I wanted more and more and more! In fact a friend of mine laughingly said "do we have to have an intervention!" LOL..and that helped me actually, because it was a way for me to say I enjoyed what I had and walk away" In fact, I brought home some for us for dinner and let Michael enjoy it and I had a healthier left over for dinner. It is essential for me not to deny myself and have something that I love from time to time, but this was the best way to enjoy it without going overboard and it turned out great. I also knocked out 20 on the stepper LOL! :)

Anyway..that's my story the last couple of days! it is amazing and so filled with good stuff! Grateful as always! Grateful! Grateful! Grateful!
thanks be!

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