Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 431: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

I have learned something new cannot force a blog post! Yep..if it is not in the fingers from teh mind and heart..then it is just not there. I tried to write a post this am before work and it was just not there and I found myself writing stuff and not what this was intended to account of this journey..paying it forward. I am not a teacher, preacher, or instructor. I am giving, as they say in another program "my personal experience, strength, and hope" and while I can add the things I am passionate about in that and pepper my posts with the "experts" and things that I find along the way from "purveyors" of good things, this is not about me writing formal texts about health and wellness. This is just my experience. Whew...that felt good and it is...because it is an amazing freakin' journey filled with the most amazing things that happen on a daily basis. What happened this morning when I was trying to write something that felt so very dry and formal felt very detached and very foreign..that is no fun and not a part of what makes this special. Nothing that has come my way to improve my own health or to change my life or to help me grow as a man, a person, a spiritual being has come from anything "detached" or "foriengn". It has all come through the expereince of others..through things, people, places and events that have a connection to something much greater than myself that help to teach me. I want to facilitate that..and I want to feel that faciliatation when I blog...So there! :) LOL!

I had pretty good run at it this morning..but my legs felt like led! Wednesdays are now my leg workout, so by the time I get to the run on Thursday morning it is tightness and and not as much fun..but I did pretty well and Adam and I  ran together. I have learned to walk in between and stretch if it is too tight and that helped a lot. But I kept my pace at 5.1 miles an hour for the run and 3.6 when I walked and got in a full 30 minutes. with over 2.5 miles! Again, just the act of showing up and getting it done feels so good! 
Michael and I had folks over last night just to watch a movie. I am sticking to my goals of having that time in our/my life with people we love..our family. I had lost that connection when my health got so bad..when I was not running from thing to thing, I shut down to often..and It was so hard to have anyone over...even for a movie. It is amazing to see how much I had given up at that time now..and not really even realized it. Gratitude...major gratitude!

Well..I am off..looking foward to this glorious day!
Blessings to all! Thanks be!

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