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Day 440: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

ok...this has to slow down..too much good stuff happening and it is going too fast! LOL! ;)
But I am serious in that so much is moving foward and happening and there are moments when I just want time to fall into some thick goo and be held in suspension so that I can savor it a little more. Even the more dramatic things that happen. But, alas things move along as they do...

Friday, I sat in tears, as I oft do. But these are annual tears. Tears moved by students who thrill me, inspire me, remind me of why I love what i do and why I still believe the world is not going down the toilet. I have been honored for about 6 years to be on the Rachel Freeman Award committee. The award goes to a Senior who, through their service and commitment to social justice has demonstrated an outstanding contribution in their time at UNCW. The award is named for this amazing woman, Rachel Freeman who was a quiet storm of work for just those issues, who, while dealing with her own personal disability, NEVER let that impair her service and advocacy. (you can read more about her at ).

But, each year, I listen as these students talk about their hopes, but more importantly what they are doing and have been doing. At 21-22 years old they are engaged with their fellows, the world around them, and in touch with true service in ways that most adults never fully understand in a lifetime. Friday did not let me down this year as I heard responses to questions that were rich with servant leadership and purposed with an understanding that it is that service that counts...not much else.  What a blessing to just sit there and be in that presence...and with all that I encounter with the political and economic machinations that interfere with our ability to just serve each it was...delivered, lived, and set to live in the future by this/these students. Not bad, right?

I left work and went off to rehearsal..yep, you heard me....rehearse. Last year as this journey was in full swing, Kristi got me involved in a fundraiser for the Carousel amazing place for Abused and Neglected Children in our region. The event is amazing because it gets community members together to perform in lip sync numbers in different acts. What was really amazing for me was that I was able to dance and do the show in jeans. It was huge for me because I had not worn jeans in years and we had decided to do a cowboy thing. I was petrified because I was not sure if I was going to be able to find jeans that would was then that I realized that I could get the size I needed from a regular store, not a big man's store. Oh, they were tight all right, but I could button them and breathe in them! It was amazing. It was the first item of clothing that I bought in a regular store in years and it was amazing.

Well, this year I won't be wearing fact...well, let's just say it is gonna be very interesting and thank God I am doing this with Peter, Joy, Ashley, Adam, Michelle and Amanda, because it is going to be "something" for sure! :) LOL! If you wanna come...oh, I would for sure. (Carousel Center Gala)

So, today I got up and went straight to WHQR, our public radio statio and had a ball on air raising money for this amazing station. After I left I was discouraged because the clouds looked threatening there was something I wanted to do VERY badly! See, on Friday before rehearsal I went to West Marine and got a kayak! Now, this may not sound like much of a big deal, but for me, it was the fulfillment of a dream! See, a few years ago when I first got the bug to get one we went to the great outdoor provision company to look at them. I have never been more embarrassed than when the guy took down the biggest one that he had and I could not even come close to fitting into it. It was humiliating.  I so wanted to get out on tour, to see the amazing coast that we explore...but there was no way that was going to happen.

Well, with the kayak bought, I just could not wait..clouds be damned. I loaded it in the car and headed to wrightsville. I had NO CLUE what I was doing or where I was going. I just used my instincts on where to go. At every turn my questions got answered. The area where there is a boat launch says that you have to have a trailer, but there were spots under the bridge and I nervously parked there, not sure if you would get towed or not..but there were no signs. As I was getting out, a guy was coming in from being out on his board and he told me that it was where he parked everytime and it was ok. 1st quesiton answered. So, I unloaded the boat, got on my life jacket, got my phone in the "dry case" that my friend arch had given me (and I thought i would never use! LOL), and headed to the muddy shore.

As I laid the boat down a man was paddling to shore in a thin sleek boat. As he pulled up I told him that this was my first time ever doing this. He said he had been doing it everyday for thirty years and went on to tell me what I needed to know to start off my journey, how to handle the boat and some great advice. Now, if you don't think I was not struck at how very cool that was and how very "on time" that was....well, we will have to be introduced! What an amazing thing to happen!

As I thanked him, I got in the boat and pushed felt exactly like I thought it beautiful....serene....awesome. I paddled against the current out thinking it would make for more ease coming back. I used what Mr. Williams (that was the name of the man I met on the way who was kayaking himself) told me about going straight into any wake and paddled out for about 45 minutes and then I saw an opening in some grass out in the channel. With the birds flying around me, I went in the grass and took this video: (here is the link

So, I get a little emotional...but I am grateful! So very grateful.....

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