Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day 422: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

what a weekend! I love being alive and this weekend was no exception...but was in fact the rule about being so glad that I am showing up!

Friday was the first "date" night that we have had in a while. It was sooo wonderful! I think back in January when I talked about my goals I said that I wanted to really do more regarding "playing" or having some fun and really enjoying this life. I think in the months since we have done some of that, but there is still room for improvement. But lately there has been so much going on and so much that has been happening in the world..it is absolutely necessary. Health does not hapen for me just by exercise and diets..it is about my spirit..my soul..and play and doing things that are just exploratory or having time together or with friends..that is Health!

So, we got ourselves together and headed to the North Side of town for an Art opening for a really good friend, Virginia Wrigth Frierson. We went to my FAVORITE THAI restaurant in town for a treat...BIG THAI on north fourth..the best curry anywhere..just a luscious spice and best flavors...and so satisfying...That is so nice to have something that warms the soul!

 Before we got to the opening, after dinner,  I saw that much work had been done on the Brooklyn Arts center, a project that has been embattled for years due to funding issues and neglect..but somehow..it is moving forward..and this grand old church.this magnificent structure that was literally falling to ruin was seeing new life and a new prosperity. I told Micahel that I had to go over and take pictures of it..and he obliged my ever tangential need to go "see" something new and shiny!! :)  Oh, how wonderful the cleaned brick and the repaired windows look..the new hope for the uses fo this building and was I glad that I was in the moment, because the developer just happened to be there and invited us in to to see the work in progress and allowed us to go all over and see what was happening in inside and gave us a private tour! How amazing!
(by the way..for those of you getting this through "reader" or email, I have found you have to go to http://bowilmington.blogspot.com/ to see the pics and videos. sorry for this..but the pics are pretty good!)
We left there and really enjoyed the showing my Ginny. What range. I can get lost in her work and all that she does. She was showing so many of the layers that compose who she is as an artist..and it was an honor just to be there. Two pieces really moved me. One was this wall of Canvas that was covered in her writing about her experiences. I think it was called, "write it down and let it go". It was beautiful to see her share the experience of creation and her emotional and spiritual process and then let it be "left:" or "let go" there.

The other was. i beleive, called "confinement. It was rich and filled with emotion...and kept me in its path several times during out time there.

and then there were so many more:

Anyway..it was an amzing night!

Saturday was a day of family..blood and extended...Again..health is about the soul and the soul is about love and connection. We had been asked by someone I truly love to come over and talk to a teen who was being bullied in his school. He and his mother came to visit. First, the friend who invited this youth had never met them before but opened his home to them, no questions asked. God, I love he and his partner. What a heart. Secondly..just connecting with this young man, sharing our own stories and offering hope..God was in us, in that place..and hope..hope..hope...Great start to the day.
We left there and went and spent time with my Mom and Stepdad and had a great time shopping, sharing and playing! Everywhere we went we saw people we knew and connected. It was awesome!

Then I left there and went and spoke at the Alpha Phi Red Dress Silent Auction. This was the first time this sorortiy had done this event. But they had shown up and volunteered at every event for the Heart Association and have been incredible. They asked me to speak and share my experience and it was such and honor! They did an incredible job and they raised over 9,000.00$ unbelievable! What an awesome event and group!
what was even doubly nice was being able to invite Debbie Daniels and hang with her for a short while at the event and introduce her to the women of Alpha Phi. She connected with so many there and was awesome as always! What a presence and a truely awesome person!

Adam, as usual, offered his services at the event as a donation and there was such a great response! 

Not to continue to making this a litany of the weekend, I left this event and had another heart warming event on Sat. evening with one of the first students I ever had at UNCW who is now married and a Doctor! I was such a proud yenta! LOL! We, michael and I, are so lucky to have some very special 'family' that we we have coming back in our life and sharing their lives with us still and this dinner wr was no exception. 
Sunday, it was a day of connecting and reaching out with a dear friend and someone I admire so much who came here to speak at UNCW for us! 
All in all in it was an amazing weekend to say the least...and now...it is already tuesday...two days have passed in this week...an incredible week already! :) 
And there is big news for someone I am so proud of..but that will have to come in the next post! lol! 
thanks be to God!


beestingshurt said...

It was a great weekend, and I was glad we were able to share a bit of it with you. Thanks so much! And hope to see you both more soon.

beestingshurt said...

It was a great weekend, and I was glad we were able to share a bit of it with you. Thanks so much! And hope to see you both again soon.