Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 429: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

Today has been up and down..but what  beautiful day! the time change is playing with my mind, so I did not go in  this am for cardio and have been having a hard time getting to sleep..oh well..still feeling good though.

Had a huge workout at the office cuase we put in new carpet and had to move everything back to where it was supposed to be! That was so much fun..actually, without sarcasm it actually was because we got a lot cleaned and got rid of a bunch of stuff. Sometimes a little "spring cleaning" is just what the doctor ordered. Of course with visitations from perspective students and other things still going on it made it a little chaotic..but oh well! :)

The very cool thing today was the end of the day when I got to attend the launch of the 10 Percent Campaign Launch at UNCW. In short,  this is challenging you and me and businesses  to spend 10 percent of our existing food dollars to support North Carolina food producers, businesses and communities.

I was invited by my dear friend and hero, Dr. Leslie Hossfeld that i worked with to found the WHA/UNCW Campus with, to speak at this launch and set the challenge.

Here is the text of my talk:
"The first place that I got a "tater tot", processed cheese food, and sugar filled pop ups was in elementary school. I don't remember seeing a fresh vegetable in school ever and I do remember there being a discussion back in those days about whether ketchup was a vegetable.

In contrast, have wonderful memories of of every summer my grandmother and most, if not all of my relatives in the area "putting up" green beans, black eyed peas, corn and other fresh vegetables fresh from the field. I can remember those pressure cookers used for canning threatening to blow us all up from the canning that was going on. But what amazing vegatables in those days and it did not matter if you lived in the city or in the country, it seemed everyone had them and everyone had some access to them.

Somewhere we lost our way as North Carolinians...as a people tied to our farming with a reverence for the work of farming and the bounty of a harvest that not only sustained our people in a living, but made us strong, health, and productive people.
I know that I lost my way and that what were "treats" in school...that wonderful engineered combination of fat and salt, that was created just to increase the desirability and my want and need for it by the manufacturers of processed foods (those foods processed from God knows what: became the food(s) that I grabbed in a hurry, the foods that I filled myself with and ultimately the foods that almost killed me.

Fortunately, I had an intervention that would take too long to go into here (but you can read about it at bowilmington.blogspot.com! :) ). But I have been on a jounry for a while and I have becuase of that intervention with folks from the American Heart Assoicaiton and my best friend and trainer, Adam Freeman, and my family, lost now 111 pounds! But more importantly I have GAINED health!

Along the way I rediscovered lessons that my people form southeastern North Carolina have known for centuries: that if it is grown from the land we love, then it is love that we are growing with in our selves!

See, I love food, but life got so busy and so stressed that I was grabbing whatever I could get. I was filling the empty space, the stress, whatever, and not feeding my hunger or giving my body wat it needed to be healthy! I thought that those foods took too much time, to much care, and that they did not have the taste or the desirability.

I was wrong.

I have rediscovered homegrown veggies and products. I shop at Tidal Creek, Pine Valley Market, the downtown farmer's market, Lewis Farms, just to name a few and I look where an item is grown or from to try and support those in the area that are helping to support mine and other's health and wellness.

Today, I am so proud of our UNCW Campus Catering to signing on to this campaign. They are great stewards of the health of all of us on campus, and this is just another indication of the great work they are doing!

The campaign is challenging all of us to buy local! Support the nobility of our argricultural roots. But it cries our for much more: for us to love ourselves enough to give ourselves and those we love what we need to be healthy!

I send a challenge out to the schools to make sure that a child never has the experience that I have seeing those processed foods. That they see on their plates nutrient rich, vibrant colors of fresh fruits and vegetables from their own community and they understand the connection to that food and the proud hertitage that produced it!

I send out a challenge to markets and restaurants..because here is the deal with me: If you want my business, you will have to show that you care about this community enough to buy into this campaign. and this means that you care enough about this area that I care about my own health wellness. If you do, not only will you get my business, you will have one of the greatest advocates you can ask for in me because if nothing else, I will talk about those folks I love and like..and if you are doing this, rest assured, I will talk about you and this ALOT! "

So, that was my "talk". I was really humbled to be there at all! Dan Gerlach of the Golden Leaf Foundation was there as were the members of the Southeastern Food Systems Board, local producers, farmers, the head of the extension office, Al Hight, and my friend Wayne Long who is about to launch a new grocery store that features nothing but local produce and items, our Mayor, and our County Commission Chairman....What a stellar group that are all about the best for food, health and wellness for all!

It was such a great celebration of the change in my life and hope, so much hope for their to be differences made in the lives of so many others..at least more opportunity! It was very exciting!

I celebrated with a 5k around campus afterwards and my favorite chick, tomato, spinach and parmesean bake for dinner for us! Ohhhh...life it good!

Thanks be to God!

the ten percent campaign:

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