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a little different conversation..but not really

So, I am on facebook after I just hear that a friend of mine was denied a right that most take for granted in their church of origin. It is not the first time, but they had and we had been led to believe that things had changed and there was this hope and feeling of overcoming some prejudice. That was gone and I was angry and posted about it. The exhange though that followed with a dear friend and comments from others was one of those things I just "needed" and came at the right time, as most things do. I have taken their names out, but thought I would share it as my spiritual life is the root of ALL things...I am nothing without that which is greater than myself and I choose to call God. I was once told that religion was for people who wanted to stay out of hell, spirituality and faith were for people who had been there. Well, I am no martyr, but I have been there..and there is this wonderful feeling of faith that sustains me in all times through the worst of times and in the best of all times. 

here is the conversation:

My originial rant:
(me) presbyterians strike again! I am so sick of "christians" who have CLEARLY NEVER FELT CHRIST...much less learned to follow. Thanks be to those who dwell in the spirit and know LOVE for one another above all else!

(another voice 1) Exactly the reason I have no use for organized religion, Bo.

17 hours ago · LikeUnlike · . · (another voice 2) What was it Ghandi once said? "I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians."

16 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading... · (another voice 3) I don't understand some of us and why my Christian friends act the way they do. But in order for us to expect acceptance we have to give acceptance. Everyone has the right to their opinion, I just don't like it when they pick out one or two things in the Bible and claim they are justified by their opinions.

15 hours ago · LikeUnlike · (ME) I completely agree...I try and live by "acceptance is the key to all my problems today"..and I fall short of this bar of expectation I shoot for as I do others...but I live in progress , not perfection. However, this was a specific incident that invoked in me great disappointment, sadness, and some anger with a church locally that has really hurt one of its long standing families (and not for the first time) and one of my best friends and ultimately the children of that family. I am boggled by the lack of love and compassion from a church that has such a membership.

I do wish them peace, healing, and the understanding of God that surpasses anything I have...but I am human...and it is so frustrating.

11 hours ago · LikeUnlike · (another voice 2)I guess I'm more passive when it comes to religion... cuz I'm hardcore with the rest of my life LOL ! I just had an experience once when I was faced with an atheist, who is still my friend. How could I expect him to understand what I know is real and true when he has never experienced it, or so he thinks. He should be thankful for a roof, food, job, and all the things we have in this country that others do not, and he is. He just WONT GET IT THROUGH HIS THICK SKULL that its his Lord watching over him LOL. I know how you feel, but the meek shall inherit the earth. ( did I spell "meek" correctly? I'm kinda a brown haired blonde LOL )

11 hours ago · LikeUnlike · (Another Voice 1) I left the church many years ago because I just couldn't see evidence that a loving God really existed. My profession has me seeing the dirty reality of life. Why are babies born sick, way too early, then tortured while here, then die anyway. What possible reason for a loving God have for allowing things like this to go on. My only way to cope is to either believe there is no God or that he has just stepped away and washed his hands of us. No one has been able to give me a good reason for the suffering. Especially innocent children.

11 hours ago · UnlikeLike · 1 personYou like this. · (ME) I hear you ****e and only have my own experience to go on. In that, I find solace. I believe strongly in free will and it is up to us to make the difference we want to see. the pain and suffering come from us, not from God. I just don't believe in the whole "test" theology. It conflicts with not only the Christian God, but others I have come to know.

The tools are there..we just turn away from them or choose not to participate. You just showed me that you are part of the live out the life that I believe embodies God...and that is a life of compassion, love, and care for those who cannot help themselves and in some cases, those who have brought on suffering and pain, but who still need care and love. Despite what you may feel or your judgement, you deliver that live a life that for me is more spiritual than most "church going" folk.

Imagine if we turned to the "best" we know of ourselves...we would feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, help each other succeed, provide prenatal care, provide health care to those without it, take care of our earth, etc...for me, that is what it is all about and that is why I find this forum so comforting, because I stay connected to so many who see the pain, see the suffering, and who don't give up..but choose to make a difference. For me, that is God...that is spirituality....and for me, as long as I can see others in community living that example, I have hope and can keep going...there is always hope.

11 hours ago · LikeUnlike · (Another Voice 4) Very well said Bo...Those are the things that Jesus commanded us to do & he preached love more than anything else.

11 hours ago · LikeUnlike · (Another Voice 1) Thank you Bo. But what I don't understand is what did an innocent child do to deserve this pain. If the parent did something wrong, then the parent should feel the pain. I have never understood that freewill concept when it pertains to children. I do feel compassion. Very deeply. My heart actually hurts sometimes when I come home after losing a tiny, precious little life. But after so many years, I think my compassion comes from anger. Probably not a good place. I get sooooo angry. At God for not intervening, the world for being what it is, myself because I can't perform miracles, just whoever. You can find me many mornings after a rough night at work standing on the beach like Scarlett O-Hara with my fist in the air, saying "you're not going to lick me. If you won't help me take care of these babies, then damn it, I'll do it myself and as long as I'm here on this earth if it kills me. I'll make their suffering as minimal as possible and they WILL know they are loved here". Then I storm off and go to bed. It's a very sad scene.....LOL

10 hours ago · LikeUnlike · ME you are amazing lady...and like others...there is a connection. there is a strength. Call it what you will...but there is that connection that I am so drawn to and feel is so real and much bigger than my own human experience.

I don't have the answers...I have experiences that have led me to believe that I can't be as simple as "it is his will" or so complicated that i try and read every dilemna as a message from God and discern what he is trying to say! LOL! . Somewhere in between, I have just come to accept that there is this world that is driven in such negative ways on so many levels and I have to choose how to operate in it. You have chosen to give care and love...that has to take a toll. But it also is so rich and so purposeful! I also don't have your experience...I just feel so strongly that presence..that energy....
Trust me, Michael can a test to many moments of screaming on the beach (and bless his heart...screaming at home! LOL)...I don't think there is anything wrong with that....and my higher power can take me cussing...ultimately, after I get it off my chest...I can get back to doing what I believe is right...
We need to go on the beach together sometime! I am sure we would make it rain! :)
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