Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Day 182: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

What a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!
We were EVERYWHERE! and had a blast! But what was so great was being able to enjoy it without killing myself with food and not being so uncomfortable with my weight that I could not enjoy sitting walking or doing.
On saturday we went to a BBQ and there was all sorts of stuff! Our Friends made amazing ribs..but I did not have to eat a rack..there was also seaweed salad, cabbage salad, cucumbers and carrots, rice noodles and so much more! I had such good stuff to enjoy! I did have a rib..but just not a rack! So, I was not deprived and got to have something that I loved without making myself sick or doing soemthing that would hurt me!  It was great!

It has become a traditon since I have been on the Foundation board to go to CFCC for the fireworks! Well, this year instead of heavy breads and mayonaise heavy salads and fried chicken..there was hummus and shrimp and veggies and just a little pasta salad..course michael and mom and harold had the coconut macaroons..but I had my Lewis farms Blueberries..so I was in heaven! Not only did I enjoy the evening more..I I was more comfortable sitting in the chair (a chair that I was always afraid would break in recent years..and I was not afraid this time!) I also as more present and really enjoyed everything and everyone around me. We walked around, went shopping with mother and came back and adn enjoyed the sunset! It was perfect!
The same can be said for our trip on Monday down to brookgreen gardens. As soon as I was done with training on Monday morning, I was so alive and ready for the day! (thank you adam!). So, I got home and surprised Michael and we were off! While I did eat a small bag of smart food cheddar popcorn, the day was filled with enjoying the garden and we ate meals that were good for us and had a great time! I saw more of the gardens (Just like with Airlie), than I have ever seen on previous trips, because I was able to walk and do more than I have ever been able to do in recent years! We walked for miles and saw things that were truly rewards for our efforts! A HAWK flew literally a few feet in front of us and I was able to capture that on film! It was amazing!

The day was not without some distractions though. As we drove through Myrtle Beach..for me, one of the most depressing places on earth (and sad, cause when I was a child, I thought this place was absolute magic)..it really hit me how sad it really is here. Every sign on every block just about offers BUFFETS! ALL YOU CAN EAT! ! etc etc etc....Fried, fat, heavy food EVERYWHERE...and the saddest part is that it is mostly seafood....I have never really enjoyed this as much because of all the batter and grease...I am beginning to understand now how wonderful fish is and really enjoy boiled shop with remoulades...not Tartar sauce (you all know that tartar is straight mayonaise with pickle relish..right? LOL!) But as I rode through I could not help but think this is the crack house for fat! and worse was as we went through, the folks we saw were as unhealthy as I was at the beginning of all this. In fact, when we got to the gardens, I saw this couple and one of them clearly was struggling to keep walking. I really had to stop for minute and remember being in that very place a year ago in this very garden. I said a pray for that person and just had to really be thankful..grateful!....we can do this and make the change. It can be better....and like I said, the rewards were many in this trip as with everything that is coming. It is amazing!

Today I slept in till I had to go to work, so I had to find time for cardio in the evening .We were having dinner with friends, John and Andy, so I knew that it would be later, but as things go, our converstation was wonderful and it was close to 9 before we were done. Andy set the bar for me in life changes and weight loss and has been so amazingly supportive throughout the processs. He and his partner John are an awesome couple and have been together almost as long as Michael and I and the similarities are spooky...in fact, poor Andy and Michael just smiled and nodded alot as John and I talked! LOL! But it was great and I am so glad we finally got together for dinner! I admire these too and we both look forward to seeing them again. Regardless of how late it got though, I was determined to get in my cardio..I brought my bike and had planned on leaving by bike and letting Michael drive home. So, I went to the gym, did 10 minutes of sprints at 7.9 miles an hour on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the elliptical at 7.7 miles an hour at level 14..then biked home! I am pooped, but feel great that I did it!

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ND's Mama said...

I am so glad you decided to do your cardio after a full day of fun and fellowship. I am so encouraged by your journey. Whenever I feel down and think about throwing in the towel, I think about you. :-)