Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 195: See Less of Bo: The Cape Fear Heart Walk Journey with Adam Freeman and O2 Fitness!

I was told to back away from the happy juice this morning! LOL! haha! Sorry, it ain't boastin' if it's the truth and it ain't drugs if it's just feelin' good! :)

Today is Monday and while I woke up wanting to crawl back under the cover and sleep more, my work out this morning got me going. Adam was infectious with his upness and had me pushing myself even more today! I did 20 on the pull ups! 20 push ups! 20 on the press! 20 on the pull downs! 20 on the step ups with 25 pound weights in my hands! 20 on the press on the cirque de se bo ball! 20 on the bozo ball with 17.5 pound weights doing curls and over the heads!..all these twice...and warmed with with 6.5 mile an hour sprints in one minute intervals for 10 minutes with 30 second reps..hell yeah! LOL! I started the morning dragging and by the end of the work out I was alive and it has not stopped to lunch! It is awesome.

I have to get my head on right though, even while having a good work out. When I see "the box" come out..and I know that step ups are coming..I immediately go to a dark place in my brain. When I hear..push ups..I immediately go negative. Yes, they are hard..yes, it is work..but I know better than to psych myself out before I start..that just adds crap to it. I also know now that on the other side of these execises I feel better, stronger, and I have this enormous feeling of accomplishment. So, I do have to adjust my thinking when it comes to these things that I am faced with. It is applicable to all things that I don't like that have a positive outcome. How i approach things makes it just that much better or worse. It is up to me. Ironic since my favorite saying is "have a nice day unless you've made other plans"! LOL!  But it, like all things takes practice!

moreover, not one day goes by...not one..where I don't remember the first day and see what a blessing this is..what a change. From the first day..barely getting up the stair this..and still moving forward. It is amazing...So, yeah, I am feeling some happy "juice" this morning..and every morning..feeling it and not "boasting" but celebrating..wanting to share it.. I love a dear friend of mine who told me dryly (and in humor) the other night.."you know I love you..but you are begining to get on my nerves with this sh--"...I loved it! I told her "girl..I will work that nerve then, cause I am loving it and will keep on loving it! HA!
Now one of the other reasons I am happy is cause I keep on keeping on with my eating regimine! That has made the world of differnce. Above is what I eat every morning at work. When I went to the dietician and she asked me what I regularly had for breakfast, I admitted I usually grabbed a biscuit from Hardees or a bagel with cream cheese if I ate breakfast at all.

We knew that was NOT going to work as I needed more protien and fiber to start the day and she was adamant not only about eating three meals aday (not little meals a couple a times a day...see my sugar stays to eating all the time is a killer for HAVE to get a dietician to tell you what YOU need..don't take advise from ANYONE that has not checked your sugar levels..EVER! It is different for each person!), but moreover, she was insistent that I eat breakfast. Period. That had to happen.

She asked me what else I liked and I said "egg mcmuffin". So, she deconstructed an egg mcmuffin and here is what I eat everyday. I have a portion of candian bacon (VERY lean, but VERY tasty. 1 gram of fat...LOTS of protien). I have an egg (ok...I should only have the whites...but for now, I have the whole egg..I will try the egg beaters eventually..but my cholesterol is, I am good with this)...and fat free sharp cheddar cheese.

I cut up the bacon on a plate, crack the egg over top with pepper and salt and cook for a minute and forty seconds in the is perfect everytime! It makes for a filling and hot wonderful breakfast! It does not have sugars of a breakfast bar (which is also a killer for me as those don't fill me up, and the sugar crashes me and makes me want to eat more).
What is not pictured here that I have with it are two pieces of whole wheat, high fiber bread with polaner, sugar free all fruit. Notice in all of butter or is awewome  and filling.
I drink black coffee or green tea and it is a great way to start the day.
I have been told this for years. but know it to be must eat breakfast to loose weight. I am a believer.

This is absolutely the foundation for my success right now. Again, it took some discipline to get it started, but now it is just part of what i do. Some mornings are not as easy to get done as others, but it is something I expect of myself and I make it happen.

The last part of this is I also make sure that there is NEVER a time when there is not a dozen eggs, canadian bacon, fat free cheese, and whole wheat bread and sugar free all fruit at work. That was the last part that was essential to success. Making sure that I took care of me by making sure to plan to have those things available. It is far to easy to grab that bagel when those things are not here. It only takes a minute to run into the store if I am out...Lord knows it takes a lot longer to run that cream cheese out of my arteries..and as I am getting older..I am not sure I have time to run it out, yeah...I think I can run in the store and plan ahead. It is worth, my family and friends are worth it, and God's gift of life is worth it....
Thanks be!

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