Saturday, April 13, 2013

greater than through love and support: the radio show with Rape Crisis Center and Domestic Violence Shelter and Services

Happy Saturday Everyone
I know it is Azalea Festival and the sun is shining and Lord knows today's discussion would be wonderful if only it could be those amazing homeade cookies at the Cape Fear Garden Club or talk of the parade or funnel cakes dowtown, this month has a special designation in new hanover county and there are some special events coming up as well that are part of a solution that don't always get brought up over tea or street fairs..but frankly should given how prevalent they are. While this show might be tough..I pray you will stick around, call your family to listen and lets be the messengers that can make a differnece by learning and filling up with knowledge to combat some pretty staggering forces of violence in our community.
April is Sexual Assualt Awareness Month here in New Hanover county with over 500 cases last year, and with DOUBLE that in domestic violence cases in our area, these are issues that need to be discussed and brought to light so that not only we can make a difference, we can be a part of the solution. In the studio today are two advocates, educators and leaders who are on the front lines making a difference everyday:

Ms. Julie Ozier from the Rape Crisis Center of Coastal Horizon's Inc.

Ms. Andrea Stough
Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc. for 4 years as the Outreach Coordinator/ Advocate.  This
Andrea Stough
Advocate/ Outreach Coordinator
Domestic Violence Shelter & Services, Inc.
(910) 343-0703
I SPY: Nothing in my life happens by coincidence. Nothing. Nov of 2011 I had the chance that not many take some talents I learned that I had and use them for a professional job..and while it turned out that where I was to use them was not the place I was to go permenantly...again..everything worked out exactly as it was supposed to. Along that part of the journey, I had the opporutnity to be exposed to some amazing people..well..true heros. True advocates of things that make our community what it is, what makes it special. But one in particular really left a lasting impression and this past week he passed away after and extraordinary life. The day I met him, he arrived in a wheelchair with his attendent. An email came that announced to the entire staff that he was in the building. I gathered myself and went downstairs and in the corner of the school room, tucked by the library shelves, this very thin man in a wheel chair, in courdory pants and a well worn shirt, ironed and buttoned to the neck sat with a cup of coffee in his hands. When I got in the room, he was trying to speak to his attendant and was having a great deal of difficulty forming his words. It appeared he had had a stroke. I knelt beside his chair and introduced myself to him. I could tell immediately he knew who I was. He spoke through the stroke and formed his words as best he could. Here was the man who had been so much of the reason we have the very place I was sitting in. He had given so much, but he had his wife's name on the building. Not being shy...I looked and him and said, "I only have one question for you: Why?. Why did you do all this". He looked at me and with a passion I will never forget. He did not hesitate and it was as if there had never been a stroke..never been an impediment.....that he was a young as myself..and he said as clearly as anything I was saying "becuase I loved her". That was it. It was just that simple. Out of this great love that he had in his life, he wanted to give and out of that love he wanted it to transcend her life and bring about more to everyone. It was a moment i willl cherish. It was a moment that inspires me to this day. So this week, I spy, Mr. Bruce: bruce cameron and life up all the love that transcends us and becomes greater than ourselves. May his love and all the good he gave to this world flourish forever and may our own love in this world inspire us to do things that transcend our very short experience on this earth!

Check out Wilmington Gives for events coming up.

and listen to the podcast of this weeks show when it comes out this coming week by searching itunes for hometown solutions!

Happy Saturday Everyone

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