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greater than through love and support: accessible recreation

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Thank you for taking time out of your day to tune in! Access....a powerful and palpable word for millions of our neighbors, friends, and fellows who on a daily basis come to situations where differences a simple adjustment in the way WE think about inclusion would allow for them to be involved in tasks we take for granted everyday..and as a result....better quality of lives, health and wellness result. Today's guests are just such thinks...who include everyone and who do so in seeking ways to make sure that in sports and recreation in particular, everyone can have access and as a is not just about play..which is is about transforming some pretty staggering statistics about health for people and creating solutions for better lives.
…It is my honor today to introduce you to…
Dr. Dan Johnson, Associate Professor in the College of Health and Applied Human Sciences at UNCW and the founder of ACCESS/ the Miracle League of Wilmington

Dr. Candy Ashton Forrester, Chair for the City of Wilmington's Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, and founder of Accessible Recreation Day as well as a Professor  UNCW


Ms. Sarah Gilbert, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation Adventures Programs at the UNCW
How do the two work together?
How are the two different?
What myths would you like to dispel about what you do?
What would be the best resource for families? Individuals?
Ashley Miller Segment:
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It was David and Trey Doolittle out for a ride..Father and Son...on a beautiful day on river road and tragically they were hit by a drunk driver. It was devastating. It was horrific. I will never forget it for many reasons..but at the time I was just starting to change my own life and was riding my bike and learning what a joy that was..and I was on the cusp of learning to run for the first time too. I hear about a "ride" for the doolittle's....a fundraiser...and I felt compelled to go. I went and there was this lanky guy in lycra bike gear with a bull horn and a truck that was clearly the leader of it all. His passion and his concern brought out thousands for this ride...and you could see the power of this on face of the widow..the mother who had lost her son. After that..I kept seeing this man and watching his coaching business develop and see the extraordinary things he was doing. He named his company "without limits" and while I know i have limitations, I got his branding and saw him transforming lives with his coaching...people from 16 to 70...and he encouraged me on my runs as well. Yesterday, he was in the corner of the big tent for the Quintiles Marathon..yep..he is the organizer and brings in over 3000 participants and a crowd 5 times that....and makes a difference economically and on our area that is amazing..and there he was..just in the corner watching it all happen. This week I spy Tom Clifford of Without Limits Coaching. A man who makes a difference by harnessing his passion and makes it worth while for others..transforms lives, gives back, and makes a difference. His contributions are "without limits".
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