Thursday, May 16, 2013

greater than through love and support: an update

Most of my blogs of late have just come from the radio show and frankly, while that is great, it is not what the blog was really about. this blog, as I have said before, was to pay forward the gift of life and health that I was so freely given. I need to get back on that. Particularly as of late when more gifts have been coming and so amazingly and I want to share some new things that I know others can benefit from.

Today I had my first session with a really wonderful person, Brian Knox. I met Brian a while ago and watched his progress personally as he transformed himself and developed not only his own personal training vocation but watched as he practiced what he was preaching and really showed some amazing results. His fortitude, but sincere goodwill and desire to give back reminded me a great deal of what Adam had done for me and his compassion was evident. He went through his own ups and downs trying to find a place and way to train folks and when he and his partner built a place, it was the perfect scenario for him. Adam has gotten an amazing new job and while he is my best friend and still has an amazing training business, our schedules don't always sync up, so when Brian offered to open up a spot, I decided to take it.

What was so cool about going this morning was how many times Brian complemented Adam on getting me set up for good form and getting me to the shape I am. I am able to do more and excel more than I have ever been able to dream of. Now, I want to take it to a whole other level...and I am sure that with this guidance I am going to do just that.

I learned a long time ago that I..and capital I...have to put one foot in front of the other and move. and after I was given the gift of being show how to exercise and to take care of me, I had to take responsibility for making it happen. I have done that. I have shown up for me. That, however, did not mean that I still don't need help and that I still don't need guidance. There are still things I want to accmplish and goals that I have for myself and while I may not see someone three times a week like I did in the begining with Adam...I need to have that professional skill building and guidance to be successful and I need to have that direction to keep me on the path. I got a brother out of my work with Adam..but more imporatantly, I got ME out of that work and a life I could not imagine. Working with Brian, I can build on that success and see something grow that i have wanted to see.

I also have needed to get back into some discipline with my eating as well. I have checked in and statused good work out s and maintained a lot of activity, but my eating has been for crap. No..I have not been a drive through..still been able to maintain somethings. But I am not a "normal" cookies, pizza, fried chicken...burgers..all that stuff...that is not for me..I cannot eat normal portions of that mess or just one. I know me and I am a complete con if I say I can. I need to stay on the path of good healthy food and reasonable portions. Having to show up for training helps me maintain that in that it is a waste of time if I am not taking care of me on both sides. Remember, I am three fold: physical, mental, and spiritual. I have to be nuturing the physical to be mentally fit and to be spirtually ready when I am trying to fill me up with mess that seems like comfort but is really just stuffing the emotion or trying to avoid or shut down. don't need that today.

Long and short..I am thrilled to be here..thrilled to be blessed with this direction and thrilled to be continuing on this day at a time.

And yep...I want YOU to join my happy tail! It is a damn good life..and not one of these trainers..not Adam, not Brian will ever turn you away...they will see someway, even though they have to make a living, to making it work. Good gets Good...and you just don't get much better in this world when you are working on helping folks help themselves to be better and live better!

Cause..we are greater than through love and support!

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