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greater than through love and support: community safety

Below is the script for the show on accessing health and wellness in our region for our children and youth! Check it out! 
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Thank you for taking time out of your day to tune in! Living in a community you get a chance, over time to see the difference that leaders can make on the quality of life and the overall impact that they make in moving forward in developing ways to meet a communities needs, regardless of the budgets, the politics, or the circumstances which are constantly changing. Never perfect, but focused on the mission and seeming to understand that it is about progress not perfection, mission, not personalities, we have two such leaders creating solutions in our community that for many make for a much more restful sleep at night for all families in Wilmington.
…It is my honor today to introduce you to…
Chief Ralph Evangelous, Wilmington Police Department

Chief Buddy Martinette, Wilmington Fire Department

Bess Street
Crime stats on Line
Fire as first responders
Ashley Miller Segment:
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Work on Wilmington
so this week I went to a board meeting. yep...that should come as no shock..I am pretty sure that either when I am called home or the second coming happens, I will be in a board meeting or at a fundraiser...either of the two..but regardless, I will be in good company and this meeting was no exception. We were there to decide were we were going and how to give out the money raised from this year's tournament. What a great discussion and on the birthday of the person to whom we dedicate the tournament each year. Our doc, who is a founding member and served to help keep our memorialized player alive to the end, was there and he said " i have something to show you"...well, like most docs he had some statistics...26 million people live with chronic kidney disease, over 500,000 await a transplant..but this doc...this one, pulled out his little computer and showed a presentation that he had done for duke and chapel hill..mind you he is a NHRMC doc..and our homeboy..but he is such a fierce advocate for what he does..he has gone eveywhere to see how to build bigger networks, across company lines, becuase it is about saving lives, making better quality of life, and doing right for patients...and interestingly is helping them financially in the the end of his presentation of a case study..we were all stunned. Powerful and life just never know in your community who can harness their talents, their resources to make a never know when one life is going to change another. Willie Stargell is who we honor with our tournament and raise funds for kidney disease..and it was Willie who was treated by this doc..and Willie changed his life forever...and now...because of the money for the tournament and what is being done..right here, through NHRMC...lives are saved, transformed..made better...Willie lives..and this week..I spy Dr. McCabe...a Doc who lives the mission, the oath and serves a higher calling and purpose and is like so many of us transformed by events and forever doing something good as a result.

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