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greater than through love and support: radio show on parks and attractions and solutions for families

Below is the script for the show on accessing health and wellness in our region for our children and youth! Check it out! 
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Happy Saturday Everyone!
Well, its passover and Easter..and Spring is in the Air...and while there is still a little chill around, after tomorrow it will be legal to wear seer sucker, white shoes and linen for the next few months and the season will have officially begun to get out there and enjoy the abundance of wonders that are the cape fear region. Here today are folks who literally make access to those wonders accessible, attainable, affordable and unbelievably adventurous for all of us!
…It is my honor today to introduce you to… 

Mr. Matt Collogan
Born in Silver Spring, MD, Matt is a 2007 graduate of UNCW's Environmental Studies program. Matt has been working at Airlie Gardens since August of 2005. From intern to the current Environmental Education Manager at Airlie, his job scope has grown to include educating schoolchildren on field trips, organizing bird walks, raising butterflies, leading kayak tours, promoting greenways, and coordinating a variety of educational programming at Airlie and other properties within the New Hanover County Parks & Gardens. His passions include sustainable farming, bugs, soil, renewable energy, green architecture, and rainwater harvesting. He is a volunteer board member of the Cape Fear Audubon Society and the Tidal Creek Cooperative Food Market. Matt also spends time working with the incubator farm project at LINC (Leading Into New Communities), a residential place for empowering individuals with criminal histories or youth who are at-risk by empowering them with reintegration and business skills for contributing positively to the community. Airlie Gardens Website
 910-798-7707 my desk phone; my email NHC Parks and Gardens Website
Ms. Marian Dougherty
Has worked for Recreation & Downtown Services for City of WIlmington for 10 years. 
Master's Degree - University of Southern California (Public Administration)
B.A. University of Maryland (Economics)
Contact info: 341-7855 information
Mr. Chris Tryon: vice president and co-owner
435 Eastwood Rd  Wilmington, NC 28403
Hook, Line & Paddle carries everything you need for your next kayaking adventure. We specialize in fishing kayaks, recreational sea kayaks, and kayak fishing equipment; including a full line of paddles, life jackets, safety gear and accessories. Some of the well-known national brands we carry include Native Watercraft, Heritage, Liquid Logic, Wilderness Systems, Dagger, Perception, Wave Sport, Mad River Canoes, and Yolo Stand Up Paddleboards. Not only can you get the right gear, but you can also book a tour at the shop or receive instruction from one of our professional instructors. Hook, Line & Paddle plans and orchestrates guided kayak and stand up paddleboard tours around the greater Cape Fear area. The store is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM, and closed Sunday and Mondays.
Our Wrightsville Beach, NC kayak and stand up paddleboard rentals and guided tours located across the street from the Blockade Runner Beach Resort is open from April to October; weekends only until Memorial Day and then open 7 days a week 9 AM to 5 PM until Labor Day and then weekends only again until end of October.
Ms. Melanie Doyle

Melanie C. Doyle                                

Conservation Horticulturist, NC Aquarium Ft. Fisher

My education background includes a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and an M.S. in Biology from UNCW.  (My thesis involved the study of the breeding behavior & ecology of Least terns, which nest on our local beaches and a few rooftops).  I am currently enrolled in the graduate program at Wake Forest University pursuing a PhD in Botany.   

I have been working with plants for 24 years.  I started with the Nebraska Forestry Service working for an Extension and Research Forester.  I have worked in retail garden centers and with growers in both the Midwest and in North Carolina.  I spent a year and-a-half working as an environmental consultant delineating and mapping wetlands and conducting environmental assessments throughout the state.  

For twelve years I have been the Conservation Horticulturist at the Ft. Fisher Aquarium.  There I am responsible for the care of all plants inside and out, including the Cape Fear Conservatory.  I have been active in dune-restoration efforts, native plant propagation, and community outreach.  I serve as the state coordinator for the Beach Vitex Task Force, a group dedicated to the eradication of this exotic invasive species, as well as serving on the board of the NC Invasive Plant Council.  I also am a proud member of both the Wilmington Tree Commission and the executive committee of the Cape Fear Arch Conservation Collaborative.
My goals are to present plants to people as part of our ecological community as well as part of our gardens; to foster an appreciation of the important interactions between plants, animals and other life forms; to teach low-impact gardening practices; and to introduce gardeners to our native species that are both sustainable and quite pleasing in the landscape.   
How do the two work together? How are the two different? What myths would you like to dispel about what you do? What would be the best resource for families? Individuals?
Ashley Miller Segment: Announcements: Coming up:
Wilmington Gives Back is All About Nonprofits
Cape Fear Clinic Breakfast at the City Club at de Rossett Monday Morning, May 14th from 7:30am until 10am Donations. Reserve your entry by writing to

Gift of Education
Keeping Legends Local for the Carousel Center
I SPY:I started I spy to shout out about people doing good things and celebrate the good that we do each and everyday and just keep that good going on out there. I intended for it not to ever focus on folks who already win big awards and get a lot of attention. But it occurred to me this week that sometimes people get attention for what others perceive they should get attention for and sometimes we don't get attention for the good things we actually do. I had the privilege to attend the firefighters memorial luncheon. I have been a fan our our force here since i attended the citizen's academy back when Sandra Spaulding Hughes was on council and I learned so much about all the WFD does for this community. When this memorial was proposed, it was done without one dollar coming from the taxpayers, it would be in empie park, one of our finest rehabbed parks, and here was the is a place that we not only memorialize those who lost their lives in the line of duty...but a place to reflect on those who serve today and a tribute to the work done. This effort needed a fundraiser....and one came a long. But unlike what most might Perceive. This fundraiser wanted to give back. She used her resources and her life of service to the community and she did this effort at no cost. She gave back. Well, at that luncheon, it was announced they are within 50k of finishing this project. An amazing effort. But never would it have happened without the efforts of a professional organizing the effort...and she did it for free. So this week, I spy Louise McColl and all who give back to this community. All who do things that others may not know about. All who do regardless of other's perception. All who understand that it is about what we do, not what we have that it is really important and the legacy that we leave in the end.


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