Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 506: Greater than through love and support: Journey with the Cape Fear Heart Walk and Adam Freeman

Lots of stress this week: our insurance rates are going up, no raise in 5 years and prices have gone through the roof, we have to PAY to park at work..and the budgets and everything else shrink while we try and meet the many many things...

And in this this week I decided to enter into a pact with myself to cut out snacks between meals, to tackle one of my biggist issues still remaining in my life. Why? Well, if I waited till life was calm and serene and all was amazing and gentile and sweet to make any changes..well, I would still weigh 350 lbs..probably more and be either dead or heading that don't work that way. Life is gonna happen..stress is gonna happen. It is how I respond to it. No, I don't have to load on all sorts of mess at once and try and tackel ten things at a time..that is how I set myself up for failure and thus give myself an excuse to do nothing..But I cannot put off making A change or some change becuase life is happening. In fact, making the change can be the very thing that adds to the better part of making it better.

That is exactly what happened this week.

By addressing my habit eating..I did not eliminate snacks as I had planned, I stayed foscused on my health and made that a priorirty so that as things got heated and weighed heavy at times (pun intended! HA!)..I had my priorirties straight..there are things in my control and things that are not..the budget, taxes, my insurance, prices..they are not in my control..ME, MYSELF, and in my control! :)

So,  I listened and I paid attention...realized that eliminating all snacks would be bad for me becuase it would make me ravenous when i got to meals and probably make me sick. However, having A..or ONE snack..something healthy and stopping there...well, that would work..AND I incorporated more WATER into this week. It is the habit eating, not having a snack that I had to my usual..all or nothing was not applicable here..and thank God I was open to listening and hearing that..

Each day..with the exception of one when i let my stress get to me a little more than any of the others..was awesome and I was able to follow through with out reaching for food as a means to cope! Even on the one day when it was so high pitched, it was better than others and I was able to recognize it and not let it get out of hand. This set the tone for a day at a time habit I can do!

This morning Adam got a little glint in his eye and he pulled out his phone. He set the weight I was pushing and told me to hold it..I can't see what I am pressing with my legs and half the time I don't knwo what I am up to..I just know it is so much better..he took a photo, then he stepped back and took a photo of me..he smiled and said, "do you realize you are working out on this leg press with your old weight?"
Well, I am slow and I was like, " you mean I am not doing as much as I was before?"..and he was .." are pressing 350lbs!!"..It was pretty cool..but also pretty amazing that I was pressing my old weight...that what I used to weigh is what I had underneath my feet on this machine. It was powerful to realize!
So, off to the weekend!
Thanks be!

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Marty said...

FB is an amazing thing. I 'friended' you (I still have trouble with that word as a verb...). because a couple actual friends recommended you for your interesting and inspirational posts. and they were right! Then I was so flattered to see you follow my little blog. I am pleased to sign on to yours!. I look forward to actually meeting you.
Marty Rowan